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Friday 28 October 2016

Biafra: Radio Biafra Facebook Attack is Mark Zuckerberg's Signature: But in the end IPOB Must win-By Okoro Austine

Saturday 29 October, 2016

The Biafra course has seen multi-dimensional affronts from those state actors and non state actors who decided to pin their integrity and conscience at the altar of bribery. While those who stood on the side of justice and morality have always supported the Biafra movement, those connivers who chose to stand on the side of General Buhari despite the obvious killings and kidnappings of Biafrans do that on the ground of inducement by General Muhammed Buhari-led Government or they are nations of the earth whose foreign policies and national interests encourage authoritarianism.

The last but not the least are those who enjoy the Biafran oil under the Hausa/Fulani overseer. Britain and some other western countries fall under the later, while some Arab nations, President Barrack Obama fall under the second group who encourage Buhari due to Islam, and as a result encourage authoritarianism and senseless oppression. In the case of the first group, we have seen many civil society organisations (CSOs) and Human Right Groups looking the other way due to Nigeria cash inflow in their stinking purses.


Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg has taken a stand and officially signed against Biafra by taking off air Radio Biafra Facebook account and that of other principal officers. Biafrans all over the world were buzzed with the breaking news and wish Mark would understand what his action will cost him. Mark clandestinely came into Nigeria with the smokescreen reason of visiting ICT firm in Yaba, Lagos and for tourism, but Biafrans predictably made it clear to the world that Mark was here to seal a deal with the oppressive regime of Buhari, in furtherance of subjugation of their prey, the Biafrans.

Guess what? The prediction worked! Facebook as I know has been protesting the non-acceptance of her operation in China with the campaign that Chinese Government doesn’t want freedom of speech. The world was made to believe that Facebook is brainchild of neoliberal world system where human freedom is held tenaciously. Yesterday, Mark and his Facebook have proven to the world that what matters to them is not the preservation of sound human philosophy of freedom rather the money that comes from the hands of tyrants like Buhari.

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Where then is the moral decency of Mark and his corrupt Facebook? Has mark chosen to arm Buhari’s regime in his own way to add up to the on-going killings of Biafrans? How will Mark prove to millions of Biafran Facebook users that he and his corrupt social platform did not give the Buhari-led regime another opportunity to ignite media blockade against Biafrans just like in the 1967-1970 civil war? Needless to expect explanation from Mark, his action has proven that he runs the most corrupt and anti-human right social platform in the world.

One thing Zuckerberg has failed to know is that Biafrans are resolute and ever ready to battle any confrontation in their disguises that are anti-Biafra restoration. Be it Buhari or anyone else.

Now that Mark has joined the bandwagon, Biafrans will reciprocate this ignoble gestures in the measure he gave to us. The earlier Mark realizes that he has joined the losing team and invariably will land-crash with Nigeria, the better. Folly to destroy your business future for some dollars' sake. But if he thinks otherwise, Biafrans will help him achieve his dreams and wishes.

By reply Okoro Austine
Edited By Uche Nwosu
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers


  1. I will advise all Biafrans to check out . The website is not yet popular like facebook but it has been growing rapidly. It offers a good alternative and can easily connect to facebook. To avoid loosing your hard earned content. Begin to device a way to sharing on a network controlled by non-American Buhari cabals. I am using it for a while now and i am loving it. Check it out:

    Read more:
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  2. To hell with Mark Zuckerberg. Now that Mark Zuckerberg has allowed himself to trapped in Buhari's cage, and Mark Zuckerberg have gotten his hands with the fake fraudulent Nigeria super corruptible money. Mark Zuckerberg should keep his distance as far away from Biafra as possible. Mark Zuckerberg may dance to Buhari's Islamazation of Biafra and the entire of the African continent, but in the end Biafra shall win and Buhari Islamazation evil plan will go down to the dust. All hail Biafra Land of the Rising Sun!!!

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