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Saturday 22 October 2016

Biafra: "Preaching to us about Biafra is Just like telling us that the Kingdom of God is coming soon in Calabar" --Etakpor community vocalizes to Biafra Writers

Ejike Ofoegbu of Biafra writers in front of Mary Slessor’s house

Saturday 22 October, 2016

Calabar-- A popular maxim has it that history is one’s best teacher, and that a traveller possess more wisdom than a grey-headed aged man.

Anybody bereft with the knowledge of his history, root or background, will end up repeating the same horrible mistake that their ancient fathers made.

We acknowledge the fact that we are Biafrans and our major role and objective is to make sure that every current state in Nigeria which originally constitute the Republic of Biafra is intact and secured, and without the Indigenous People of Biafra in remote villages alike coming together as one indivisible and united people with one collective goal and vision, our task is incomplete.

The indigenes and inhabitants of some parts of the riverine communities of Calabar south, especially in Etakpor, Ibom and Idang were happy to receive the goodnews of Biafra and delighted to know that Biafra restoration project has been re-inkindled. Although they still see things from a very long distance, as the Biafra restoration message brought to them by Ejike Ofoegbu of BIAFRA WRITERS on the 20th of october 2016 sounds just like a sweet dream they wish not to wake up from.
Ejike Ofoegbu with Etakpor indigenes
They acknowledged being Biafrans, and wish to be listening to daily Radio Biafra live broadcast, because according to them, there are no means of inspiration and dissemination of vital information and messages through the Radio whose signal is yet to penetrate their villages.

It should be noted that the local residents in Etakpor, Ibom and Idang are so willing and eager to join the quest to restore Biafra and wish to be fervently carried along. I had the previlege of Interviewing some of them, and their replies and assurances are quite promising and encouraging too.

They warmly welcomed me as one of them, as though they have known me for a lifetime; they took me to an ancient landmark known as 'Etim Edem park'; a place that really pointed out that we all are one, as we share same cultural beliefs and way of life.

Ejike Ofoegbu at Mary Slessor’s house

They further gave an insight of what transpired during the Nigeria-Biafra War, narrating that during the hostilities, Calabar soldiers in the Biafran Army stood and fought gallantly for Biafra; asking "why are we now keeping them in isolation? Why is there no signal in their village for them to enjoy the daily gospel of Radio Biafra?  But I made them understand that other parts of Calabar are already attuned with events on ground with regards to IPOB's quest and that Etakpor, Ibom, Idang and its environ can never be isolated, as IPOB do not intend leaving any community behind, hence the need for us to rejuvenate their consciousness and to let them know that Biafra is very close at hand.

During my visit to the famous Mary Slessor’s house situated at a popular place called "the slave trade land", where the white man claimed they stopped us from killing twins, we found out that the story was nothing but a concocted lie and a way to delude and deceive our people into believing that the white man's expedition to our land was meant for our own good. We were able to gather that it was not twins they hid In Mary Slessor’s house, rather it was slaves being taken away by the white men from there in which they were assembled, to outside the shores of Biafraland
Ejike Ofoegbu In front of Mary Slessor’s house

The good people of Etakpor, Ibom and Idang in Calabar South are well cultured in their way of life, and I can categorically say that they are more Biafran than the Igbos. Just at the mention of the name 'Biafra' they all welcomed and felt relaxed with me. "Etakpor and the entire Calabar is for Biafra and nothing can stop that" says Mr. Phillip Edet passionately.
Ejike Ofoegbu with Mr. Eta, Ubong and Edet Of Etakpor Community
I was able to set up three distinct IPOB family zones in the location, with each clocking over 30 indigenous people whom I met as at the time; which i shall be handing over to the Calabar coordinator in due time. Mr. Phillip Edet will be coordinating Etakpor zone, Mr. Okon Eta for Ibom zone and while Mr. Akpan Ubong will oversee Old Idang zone. They all expressed unequalled happiness, and zeal to work together with their fellow Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), under Nnamdi Kanu's leadership whom they have heard so much about, saying that what they have been told by alot of people have finally come to their domain.

Mr. Ubong, one of those who welcomed me to Idang community went further to narrate what transpired during the civil war initiated by Nigeria against Biafra, how their forefathers fought gallantly side by side with Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu and Phillip Effiong, and are very optimistic that what they thought was lost is already here. Their happiness and joy know no bounds and cannot be expressed in writing; this put to shred the peddled propaganda by the Nigerian media which says that the people of Cross River does not support Biafra.

Having expressed their main concern with regards to media blackout on IPOB restoration project in their villages, I assured them that IPOB will try its possible best to ensure that Radio Biafra signal gets to their locality and that they will soon be able to listen to live broadcasts, so as to keep them updated with a free flow of information of the happenings around Biafraland and beyond. I further assured them of Nnamdi Kanu's promise to ensure the whole of Calabar is duly saturated with the gospel of freedom before he was kidnapped, and that promise will not be reneged on no matter what. Nevertheless, i informed them of alternative platforms via which they can  be hooked up to daily broadcast, pending when a relay station would be installed in their location.

As I was still preaching to them the message of hope, all emotions was let loose, some of them began to shed tears, I was awestricken and astonished. Their zeal for Biafra is what I can’t just explain but in everything I was able to console them, giving them reasons to be happy and hopeful.

One of them known as Mr. Eta said to me; “preaching about Biafra to us is just like telling us that the kingdom of God is coming soon in Calabar,” and I made him to understand that Biafra is God’s own kingdom on earth, and that without Biafra, we are all gone, we will be Islamized, adding that the Islamization agenda orcestrated by the dictator in Aso rock, Muhammadu Buhari, against Biafra has failed today because of Nnamdi Kanu's gospel on Radio Biafra.

When I was about to return to my base, their countenances changed, I could see sadness in their faces. They wished Biafra was already here. I was laden with deep emotions to depart from people who has shown me so much love and care. They all declared affirmatively that Biafra is our heritage and must come and bade me farewell.

By Ejike Ofoegbu
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers.


  1. in truth,love and unity of biafra we all are involved. 4rm the biafran rabbi.

  2. With happiness and joy I wish all the people of Biafra the best.we shall reach our promised land

  3. Please my fellow Biafrans ,do not be dismayed or focused and steadfast during this trial time.pray for our brothers in prison but remember Buhari is not our president, and can never be cos his type is not in our midst.He I empty ,clueless and bereft of ideas. He will soon die like Abacha .In Biafra we stand chukwuabiama is our God ndewoo nu


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