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Saturday 10 September 2016

IPOB: Independence Of The Nigerian Media Comes Under Scrutiny, As Tyrant Buhari Summons Executives Of The Press For An Emergency Security Meeting, To Discuss Ways To Stop Biafra

Saturday 10 September, 2016

It is a proverbial saying that "those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. This is an ancient saying credited to Euripides, the Greek dramatist who lived in the fifth century B.C.E. The proverb is a direct warning to people who become power-drunk or those acting irrationally in varying degrees against the wishes of the people.

When people are driven by the political powers, lust and ambition to rule or become tyrant, it is absolute madness in its climax. The implication is that the refusal to make amend could undoubtedly lead to one's own destruction, something that wouldn't happen if advice is taken. Come some days now, the Lagos and Abuja-based brown envelope newspapers have been reporting the military preparedness and bombardment of the creeks in the Niger Delta.

The velocity with which Buhari's administration armed the soldiers to the teeth to fight in the Niger Delta is so shocking that it can only be described as "blood-thirsty military encroachment". Events have taken turn since the deployment of soldiers in the area, giving room for people to see what is actually happening. We have been reliably informed that the killer squad sent to the creeks have become the killed - by the unknown and invisible. How could one explain the incident of the capsized boat that took the lives of four soldiers? How would one describe the blown-up jet fighters hovering around the creeks, and the capture of some soldiers?

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While the brown envelope newspapers are silent over the ugly events, the news and pictures managed to surface to the public. As if those jetty images are not enough to ascertain the level of blows Nigeria army have received in the creeks, more facts continue to emerge. Reports reaching Biafra writers have it that Buhari has summoned all the media outfit in Nigeria, citing 'security' as the reason.

The question then is, "since when did the media turn to security personnel?" Is he by any means saying that his bunch of killers in uniform are no longer effective in protecting his "One Nigeria" except the gutter journalists like Vanguard Newspaper and Channels Tv?

In Bori Camp, for instance, the wives of the soldiers "missing in action" were seen wailing uncontrollably giving the public the glimpse picture of what is on the ground - in the creeks. No Nigerian brown envelope newspaper ever carried this because what they wished was not what they saw, and again, they are only more interested in brown envelope than reporting accurate events that constitute news. They sided evil government and lured the soldiers that would still be alive today in their respective homes and barracks to die unjustly in the creeks.


We recalled that the International Communities had earlier warned against sending the military to the Niger Delta region as option for solving the current upsurge. But the government whose leadership have fought in the same creeks in 1967-70, thought it is another time to do what they did about fifty years ago. With all its weapons and military presence in the Niger Delta, Nigeria is fast losing her grip not only on oil, but the entire economy!

Just few days ago, the CBN governor raised alarm that Nigeria would not be able to continually pay workers' salaries beginning from October this year. He was quoted describing the gloomy state of the economy in a closed-door meeting he had with some top government officials. With such heavily painted gloomy situation of the economy by the CBN governor, Buhari's administration still have trillions and billions to offer Lagos and Abuja based criminal tabloids to bear false information against IPOB and all those fighting for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

We have gotten a fresh reliable information that those gutter pressmen have been invited again to Aso Rock, and we are certain another round of billions will be dished to them to continue feeding the public with false news and information. People without conscience! Tell me why the soldiers would not be at loss in the creeks? Is it on the ground that they are fighting a just war, or is it on the ground that Nigerian government under Buhari is straightforward to the people who have suffered immensely under various administration including the military juntas that engulfed the area in abject poverty and squalor it found itself today?


The current economic crisis in Nigeria is staggering that the government is now seriously considering the option of increasing fuel pump price. It is strongly believed that this is one of the reasons the brown envelope newspapers are once again invited to Aso Rock to be induced and have the information uncovered. Some members of National Assembly have vehemently kicked against any move to increase fuel from its current 145 Naira per liter because it could engender public reactions and crisis.

 We must accept the fact that Nigeria's economy has gone into recession, and even if fuel price is increased, it would definitely not solve the current problem. Have the gods made the current administration mad? Experts strongly believed so, especially when we realised that Nigeria's problem began at the expiration of the British colonial edict which was meant to last one hundred years (1914-2014).


Nigerian politicians right from independence, have kept this matter as official secret and dare nobody to discuss it. When Nigeria practically got expired during Goodluck Jonathan's regime, nothing was done as regards whether we are continuing as one or going our different ways despite the undeniable facts that Nigeria is deeply divided even as Jonathan himself in more than one occasion publicly acknowledged.

He rather went into celebration of the centenary and actually minted Naira denominations to that effect. The freedom of the various ethnic tribe that constituted Nigeria were not considered. With Radio Biafra on air bulldozing the corruption, atrocities, and ineptitudes of the past and present regimes, Jonathan's administration was forced to have a National Conference!

Sensitive issues raised during the conference were strictly opposed by the Northerners who always see themselves as the owners of Nigeria and others as conquered territory and willing tools. But the representatives of the people stood their ground and made their points amidst stiff opposition from the North who sometimes resorted to physical combat just to stop people from making their points.


In the end, the report of the conference was swept aside the way Oputa Panel was done some years ago during Obasanjo's regime. You can now understand Nigeria and how its political leaders go about sensitive issues simply because they want to remain in power, have dominion over others as slaves. This is the general sickness in Africa.

Leaders tend to remain in office for life. Countries like Chad, Garbon, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Northern Sudan, etc, are typical instances where leaders remain in office against the wish of the people. They have since infiltrated the AU with this virus where they gained access to higher positions and dictate the fate of other small or up coming Africa countries.

But we Biafrans do stand our ground against all odds. We trust in Chukwu Okike Abiama, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. His way is flawless and He sees the heart of men and watches their wicked operations to give victory to the humble and upright. This is why we shall continue to win the media war, air and military bombardmens unleashed on us by Muhammad Buhari who want our oil by all means. No amount of military encroachment will deter us to back off, God forbid! He has ignited the fire and it must keep. burning until he is brought to his knees.


By Heritage Ezza
Edited By Uche Nwosu
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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