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Saturday 10 September 2016

Biafra: John Tsoho Finalizes Plan With Buhari, To Convict Innocent Nnamdi Kanu As Court Date Draws Nearer

Saturday 10 September, 2016

About 2 weeks from this 10th day of September, precisely the 26th of September, the Director of Radio Biafra, and the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, will once again, be appearing before the most corrupt judge - John Tsoho, on a fictitious charge of "treasonable felony" by Muhammadu Buhari's administration.

Recall that the last session was dramatic as one of the accused, Benjamin Madubugwu,:Impromptly changed his lawyer, which led to John Tsoho adjourning the case to 26 till 29th of september.  Ever since Kanu was declared innocent and discharged in two consecutive court proceedings in Abuja, Muhammad Buhari swore to his himself to have Nnamdi Kanu imprisoned or killed. He has obviously made several failed attempts to kill Kanu there in Kuje maximum prison.

The latest was the recent indiscriminate shooting and throwing of teargas at Nnamdi Kanu’s prison cell by Boko Haram errand boys in disguise. These obnoxious acts by a supposed president of a country, is nothing more than a clear indication that he is becoming more frustrated than ever. The indomitable IPOB world wide have raised their voices in unison, condemning the recent assassination attempt, warning sternly that every tribe and hamlets in Nigeria will feel the wrath of IPOB if anything happens to Nnamdi Kanu.


What analysts and careful observers wish to know about Nnamdi Kanu's case is, why he is denied bail and why the DSS is trying to kill him in Kuje maximum prison, even when he is facing trial for the purported treason? It’s obvious that from every reasonable doubt, that the Nigerian government really has no charges at all, that it could use to slam an innocent man who is simply exercising his inalienable right.

It is simply laughable, the recklessness, idiocy and unprofesionalism being displayed by the DSS, who actually came up with this evil antics and show of shame. These Aso Rock errand boys have used this means to extort millions from their master who believed that their plans are working. But when the first and second courts released Kanu on bail, against their wishes, they became disappointed and continued to make even more foolish and demeaning efforts to have Kanu remain incarcerated.


Furthermore, It took Aso Rock a remarkable length of time, to shop for a corrupt Judge whom they can use to thwart justice, thinking that IPOB is a kind of puppet organization as is usually obtained in Nigeria, it was a very costly mistake. Justice John Tsoho, an anti Biafra, was Buhari's suitable choice, to do his shady job. Unfortunately, Kanu's case greeted him with several tactical blunders, his fellow judges were aghast, watching a man said to be a custodian of judicial ethics as he made unprecedented prejudicial summersaults and miscarriages of justice.

It was obvious he came with a mission, to do his master's bidding. How could a judge with sound judicial principles disapprove masked witnesses in his court, only to turn around to approve same without any form of legal proceedings and considerations? Even a novice in the legal profession knew from that very moment, that John Tsoho is only but Buhari's errand boy, it was an utterly shameful situation.   This is the face of the Nigerian society, where people in high positions influence and use the judiciary to clamp down on those who oppose the atrocities that they perpetrate in the land.

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One wonders how many people John Tsoho may have unlawfully and unjustifiably sent to prison, using his corrupt and reckless prejudicial methods? Who knows how long he may have done this, which warranted his recall by a wicked and ruthless man like him? Buhari’s purchase of John Tsoho to handle Nnamdi Kanu's case, is enough evidence that he is very eager and always ready to twist cases and hinder true justice, just as we have witnessed numerous times.

What the world should know is that, asking for freedom is never a crime. It is only in Nigeria that the quest for justice, equity, freedom, is seen as a crime, but Biafrans will leave no stone unturned in bulldozing and vigorously resisting the judicial blunders under Muhammadu  Buhari.


As for John Tsoho, we are not surprised that he is acting in accordance with his name, for Webster's Dictionary defined John as "toilet" and "a friend to the prostitutes". He has shown the stuff that he is made of by stubbornly insisting on continuing with this case and has perfected plans with Buhari to jail him unjustly, but we will also show him that we are not push-overs, and are ready to die for Nnamdi Kanu. His terrible blunders and miscarriage of justice on Kanu’s case will eventually rubbish him and his pay masters.

Their greatest mistake was to have Nnamdi Kanu arrested, as that was the beginning of their end. Biafra is all that Biafrans want and no matter how he and Buhari tries to incriminate an innocent man or tries to suppress the quest for Biafra restoration, they will never succeed. Biafra is Alive, all Hail Biafra.    #FreeNnamdiKanu. #FreeBiafra #Biafrexit.

By Ezza Heritage   
Edited by KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta   
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers 

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