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Saturday 24 September 2016

BIAFRA: Human Rights Group Takes Justice John Tsoho To The Cleaners, Labels Him Bias, Hostile And Threat To The Rule Of Law

Saturday, 24th September, 2016

The last of negative reports might have not been heard concerning the judicial recklessness and misconduct of the presiding judge in the charade and phantom trial of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu as Civil Liberties Organization simply known as ‘INTERSOCIETY’ has faulted the manner in which he conducts his legal proceedings in court.

They noted that President Buhari’s open personal conviction of Nnamdi Kanu in his maiden presidential media chat on 30th December, 2015, was what informed his shopping for an amenable, conformist and pro-establishment judge which has been found in Justice Tsoho of the Court 3 Division, FCT High Court, to actualize President Buhari’s open threat and this signaled the beginning of persecution of the IPOB leader.

President Buhari had in the public speech of 30th December last year vowed to ensure that Nnamdi Kanu and others spend the rest of their lives in prison custody and that has led to his blatant and unabashed meddlesomeness in judicial matters in Nigeria via his employment of willing and disposable tools to achieve his evil purposes.

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The human rights organization rightly observed in a letter addressed to the United Nations that Justice Tsoho as expected became terribly bias, hostile, threatening and undermining the rule of law and its hallowed principle of ‘nemo judex in sua causa and audi alteram partem,’ meaning that someone should not be a judge in his or her own matter and must hear the other side before drawing a conclusion; that is fair hearing. But apparently, Justice Tsoho has erred on this point by the way and manner he conducts his proceedings in favour of the Federal government.

President Buhari through his threat, dictatorial tendencies and body language has frightened, stiffened and castrated the independence of the Nigerian judiciary in such a brazen manner that it no longer operate on principles of democracy, ethical tenets and common rule of law for the common man in the society. This brazen abuse of the judiciary and murder of the rule of law is anathema to the direction or path a country yearning for development should follow. It foretells doom to the existence of such country without the perpetrators realizing this.


Just like they rightly noted that “perpetration of regime atrocities particularly gross human rights abuses and reckless disregard to the rule of law is the greatest threat to international peace, justice and security as well as sustainable development.”

They also noted that apart from holding Nnamdi Kanu for eleven months without trial, various court orders of constitutional records given for his bail and unconditional release were all defiantly ignored and neglected saying that this proves Buhari’s meddlesomeness, chaining and castration of the independence of the judiciary.

They informed that since the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, it has been one pre-trial arraignment and gimmickry to another, showing that the Federal government has nothing to prove or back up its spurious and bogus charges with empirical evidence. This has left much to be desired.

The UN was made to understand that the scripted trumped up judgment against Nnamdi Kanu is most likely to have been predetermined and written long time ago; waiting for a makeshift trial using masked witnesses which is an infamous request from the Federal government’s Prosecutor which Justice Tsoho initially turned down but upturned it afterwards following an obvious directive and pressure from the Presidency.

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As defendants have right to choose judges who presides over their cases, Justice Tsoho has in defiance, refused to hands off the case for it to be assigned to a more competent judge whose reliable integrity has been proven overtime. This has vindicated our long held view that he was specifically drafted or employed by the Nigerian government to throw Nnamdi Kanu behind bars. It further shows that he has been drafted by the Nigerian state to use the judiciary as a smokescreen to pervert the course of justice and perpetrate gross abuse of the fundamental human rights of the common man and undermine and constitutionalism.

As Nnamdi Kanu makes another graceful appearance before the trial court on Monday, 26th September, it is expected in the interest of Nigeria’s nascent democracy, its sustainability and for the bastardized reputation of the presiding judge Tsoho, that things will turn around in an appropriate manner devoid of mischief, untoward and malicious exhibitions but rather the promotion of neutrality, basic tenets of democracy and the rule of law.


By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published by Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
For Biafra Writers.

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