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Thursday 4 August 2016

GOWON STILL MYOPIC 50 YEARS AFTER...Re-Buhari must restructure Nigeria

GOWON STILL MYOPIC 50 YEARS AFTER...Re-Buhari must restructure Nigeria

5th August 2016

General Yakubu Gowon [rtd],  on Wednesday, 3rd August 2016 lent his voice to the numerous calls for the restructuring of Nigeria when Shehu Sani, vice-chairman, senate committee on foreign affairs, paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja. In his opinion, Gowon said, “We can restructure within one Nigeria context. I did it in 1967; we created states to stop eastern Nigeria from seceding,”.

See how myopic Gowon is. So Gowon felt that the creation of more states, in other words, more fragmentation of Biafra land is what is called "restructuring of Nigeria"? If that was the solution for the country to be one, how come the Biafrans have been on the receiving end of the Nigerian oneness ever since? 

Gowon forgot that the restructuring of the eastern states has been ongoing ever since he created his 12 states of Nigeria, bastardizing the Biafra land from the Eastern region until now when we have the South, South , Niger Delta. Maybe, Gowon still wants more south south south south to be created from the present south-south. And to him, that is called "RESTRUCTURING"

Gowon could be likened to that scientist who trained a grasshopper to jump over a little piece of wood whenever he says "jump". He went on in his research to cut off all the limbs of the grasshopper and commanded the insect to jump, but the insect could not. He, therefore, concluded that the grasshopper has gone deaf as his hearing ability is on its legs. What a fool.

How could Gowon be so stupid to think that the problem of Nigeria lies in the creation of more states in the eastern region? What happens to the different cultures, religion, value systems that have been the bane of the Nigeria oneness? How could Gowon be so myopic to the problem of "Dual Ideology" in the Nigerian constitution where "sharia law" and the conventional laws civil laws are dragging supremacy in the Nigerian constitution? 

How could Gowon not see that the reason Boko Haram is killing in the Northeast is because, it wants sharia, not just in the Northeast, but throughout Nigeria?
How could Gowon think that by the creation of more states in the east or elsewhere, Muslims will stop killing Christian Biafrans at every given opportunity? Is the creation of more states going to adjust the ownership of 90% oil blocks in the Niger delta to the Northerners and 10% for the west and none to Biafrans who own the oil? Does Gowon think he is talking to fools?

We want to ask Gowon some questions; is the creation of more states going to make Port Harcourt Airport and Calabar airports international airports so that Biafrans could travel to Europe or America straight from Biafra land without making a stopover in Kano or coming to Lagos? 

Will the creation of more states make Nigeria allow ships to berth in Port Harcourt, Calabar or Warri wharfs so that Biafrans could clear their goods in Biafran land without having to go to Lagos or the ill-conceived dry dock in the North? Why is Gowon at this time, in this 21st century when the whole world has moved ahead still bent on deceiving the Nigerians?

How much does the truth cost to be said we ask Gowon? Is it not good that the truth that Nigeria is not one from inception as he, Gowon once said that "there is no basis for the Nigerian unity" be said? How long should you leaders patch up lies to deceive your subject? 

The Hausas from the beginning of Nigeria has never offered anything to the Nigerian state other than Bloodshed, which Sir Ahmadu Belo [Saduana of Sokoto] stated as far back as 1945.
The west on their path has been full of deceit and treachery. If the restructuring of Nigeria is anything to be considered as a solution to the Nigerian problem, it should be the dismemberment of the country so each constituting nations [Biafrans, Arewas, and Oduduwas] which are homogenous in their various cultures, religion and value system can go their separate ways and find peace within themselves. 

Until these leaders come to this realization, there will be no peace and no way forward for Nigeria. Keep deceiving yourselves and you all will die without the seeing peace you seek.

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra said it, that the peace, development, and progress of each of these nations that make up Nigeria lie in the disintegration  of Nigeria and for that, you are charging him for treason. Now you are calling for restructuring. At the end of the day, the dismemberment and disintegration of this British concoction called Nigeria must surely be the solution to the over 100 years’ problem of the expired Zoo.

Written By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa

1 comment

  1. I hope that Nigerian citizens and the world are reading what a former military dictator and genocidist is saying as the reason he declared war against Biafra. Forty years later, Gowon still reasons like a fool. He is simply brainless, without sound reasoning facility and he's a hypocrite.


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