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Saturday 2 July 2016



By Ogbodo Chinenye Maryann

The Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari in a recent statement stated that those fighting and agitating for Biafra was not born during the Civil War, Mr President, your words are baseless,  a an unguarded statement without facts and figures, come to think about it, the war that  took place in the year 1967-1970. count down from then till now is approximately 46 year's after the brutal pogrom /war against the people of Biafra's.

My mother who is a hardcore Biafran is more now more than 46 years and she is agitating for Biafra restoration, How dare you utter rubbish that those fighting and agitating for Biafra were not born during the war?.

What is the evidence of true example of (No victor No vanquish) pronounced by Gowon after the war ?  To stop those who were not born during the war from agitating for the same course that led to that heavy bombardment /attack which you President Muhammadu Buhari participated in, as a matter of fact that pogrom, crime against humanity committed by the Nigeria government with their allied Britain, USSR and Arab world is not net over,  where is the 3rs Fund designated to rebuild Biafra land? .where is the peace and harmony among the people who were forcefully amalgamated and called Nigerians? Mr. President, are you aware that a fellow innocent Biafran woman from Imo state was murdered in a brood day light for an accusation of blasphemy in the North?

My question to you now is this, is the Palestinian of today were not born when their progenitors started dragging the land of Israel, the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians began in the late 19th century after many attempt to make them one but majority of the Palestinian demands for an independent state till date.

The Senegambia which was created by the French and English colonial forces in the 16th century as a crown colony which officially collapsed in 1783 Aftermath Senegal was restored to France and Gambia to the British resulted the future Senegal (which gained independence in 1960) and the  Gambia ( Independence in 1965). Those that voted to be separated in the aforementioned years, we're they born when the British and French colonial masters forced them together.?

Furthermore, as history may have its way of repeating it's self the people of Eritrea also breakaway from Ethiopia, East Timor was once part of Indonesia,Singapore was once part of Malaysia,Southern Cameroon was once part of Nigeria, Pakistan was once part of India,South Sudan was once part of Sudan,Namibia was once part of south Africa,Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan,  Israel were once part of the Othman Empire But today are independent state.

Buhari you lack history because Nigeria has is not one and can never be one. Unity by force is a pure slavery!In no distance time Biafra independence will be part of history, The Biafra struggle is a fascinating Aspect of our History.

The fact that we were not born during the war doesn't give any room for us to remain servitude in our father's land. Biafra is our birth right, its our root and we must get back to it we were forced into this unholy marriage and we need divorce, we need a place to call our home, we are tired of marginalization, massacre, Genocides, incarceration and detention of Biafrans for seeking their freedom peacefully. The killing of Biafrans in the zoo (Nigeria) did not started today. it all started since 1945 even before the brutal war in 1967-1970 our people are been killed everyday our blood flow like river in every part of this contraption know as Nigeria, today our Land (Biafra) soaked with blood of our innocent parents, brothers and sisters for no just reason. we are not one, we don't have the same culture, our value system is not in accordance to each other, we value the lives of our fellow human beings because    HUMAN BEING in our Land means THE BEAUTY OF LIFE, (MMA NDU).

We don't speak the same language, we don't have the same religion you are Mosley and we are Christians, now you see this marriage will never work, the only solution is a Biafra Nation establishment and we can be neighbors .

Mr President I wants to remind you we are not trying to secede from Nigeria, you must understand that, We are older than Nigeria you only talk about seceding if Biafrans are the ones that colonized Nigeria but we are older than the contraption so we can't secede rather we just want to go back the way we were before the British came.

Authored By Ogbodo Chinenye Maryann. Great Biafra Journalists.

Edited and Published by Okpalaeze.

1 comment

  1. Ogbodo Chinenye Marryann, thank you my Dear Sister for your wonderful efforts. Our brother Okpalaeze you tried also but in as much as perfection or grammatical correctness may not be too important in conveying our message to a president who would rather hire 13 SANs to defend his low level of enducation than admitting the fact that he does not have the basic qualification, we still need to tidy things up because what we post here is also open to the whole world. There is this thing some people use to regard as printer's devil I think a number of them occurred here and since Mr Okpalaeze did the editting, he should have corrected them, my opinion though. The instances Marryann gave are very enlightening and educative. The problem with the enemies of Biafra is that they do not have any genuine reason to give as to why they are opposed to the exit of Biafra from Nigeria other than their greed and selfishness. You can imagine some of them telling you that the Biafrans will suffer, there will be no food, there is no land, many investment of Biafrans are in foreign lands, they love Biafrans so much, they just want one big country, Biafra will not survive alone, the problem in South Sudan, on and on they go, as if they created the people of Biafra and as if they have solved their own problems. While some others will say, leave them let them go and die, they are too greedy, they want to be president, must everybody be President? Leave them they will fight themselves, at the same time the same people will say, we will not allow anybody to divide this country, we will fight them, we will kill them, we killed them before we will kill them again, still you hear some say, the don't have tomato, they don't have cow, they will drink their oil and we eat our tomatoes. So, you see people who are totally obsessed and confused, full of contradiction and envy. Their president will say 2million people were killed before and they are coming up with the same issue again, the security agencies will not tolerate that at another interval the same president will say "anybody who wants to go, let them go we won't stop them, a little moment later same president will say "if they chase us away from the South then where do they want us to go, there is desert in the north, we want one Nigeria" and the contradiction continues. So, what I can say is this, Biafrans you are dealing with humanbeings that have an age long curse on them, they are not thinking of how to break away from the curse, they are stiff necked, extremely greedy and and lazy, willing to die at all cost, do not know the true living God but hypocritically try and insist that people should and must accept them as Angels of light even when their works are shouting louder than their hypocrisy. These people are evil and all their works are evil, therefore Biafrans, God said we should come out of them and that is the only answer yo the whole arguement. Their threat of war and intimidation will not help them, if they insist they must fight, they are living in the past, God is on our side and they will meet a stronger and more determined Biafra. May God continue to bless the Biafrans and those who love Biafra. LONG LIVE BIAFRA THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN


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