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Thursday 7 July 2016

NIGERIAN ARMY HAS NO CAPACITY TO FIGHT ANY WAR...Only the capacity to massacre unarmed civilians

NIGERIAN ARMY HAS NO CAPACITY TO FIGHT ANY WAR...Only the capacity to massacre unarmed civilians

7th July 2016

It was reported that Nigeria has just dished out a huge sum of the meager resources of Nigeria to the tune of N90.3 billion [Naira] to the coffers of Saudi Arabia government to hire her soldiers to fight Niger-Delta Avengers Freedom Fighters, but I make bold to say that Buhari and not Nigeria did. I strongly doubt if the National Assembly approved this spending. But does Buhari care? Would the National Assembly or Senate raise a voice? Zombies in the legislative chambers.

We are in an Autocracy and not Democracy, and Buhari is at the helm of affairs. He does not need the National Assembly to take a decision. And they dare not say a word. When he dragged the Federal government into an intercontinental treaty of anti-terrorism coalition with the Arab nations, he never consulted the National Assembly, so why should he tell them before paying for an external forces to fight Niger Delta Avengers Freedom fighters?

READ IT: Islamic Coalition Pact: Nigeria Doles out $258m for Saudi Blackwater Mercenaries to face N/Delta Militants

Well, this goes to prove the irrelevance of the Legislative arm of his government. In other words, Buhari is not running a democratic government, whereby the democratic principles are observed in the primary decisions by the government. So it's clear to all now that we are not in any form of democracy in Nigeria. The legislators are just civil servants employed to sit in the chambers and share money, just as the Judiciary is just a rubber stamp of the dictator in power to stamp his will against his enemies and political oppositions.

Now Nigeria paying a whopping $258 million USD to Saudi government to hire its Blackwater mercenaries to fight Niger Delta Avengers Freedom Fighters is a clear confirmation of the assertion of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu when he said on Radio Biafra that Nigeria has no capacity to wage any war and has never fought any war by itself before without external help. The little success achieved by the Nigerian Army in its fight against Boko haram was recorded when the Niger and Cameroonian forces came to their aid. So it's not a surprise that Nigeria has gone out already for help from Saudi Arabia.


But it's very laughable for Saudi authority to accept to deploy its forces to fight freedom fighters when they only signed a treaty with Nigeria to fight terrorists in Nigeria. They did not sign with Nigeria to fight Boko haram, but the Freedom fighters of Niger Delta who have not killed any citizen of Nigeria. The world should be put on Notice that if Saudi Arabia deploys its Forces to fight the Niger Delta Avengers Freedom Fighters, it's against the treaty they signed with Nigeria. Their agreement was to fight terrorism and not freedom fighters.

There are two deadly terrorist groups in Nigeria....the Boko Haram Terrorists considered the worst terrorist organization before ISIL and the Hausa-Fulani Herdsmen terrorist considered the 4th most deadly terrorist organization in the world. But Muhammadu Buhari has not paid for the Blackwater mercenaries of Saudi Arabia to fight these two deadly groups ravaging all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, killing, slaughtering, maiming and raping women, instead, Muhamadu Buhari is bringing them to Fight the Niger-Delta Freedom Fighters.


The whole world, as usual, is deaf and dumb, and blind too. Biafrans are not afraid of any army coming after them. They have come before between 1967 and 1970 and they know how it all panned out. Then it was a combination of Britain,USSR, Egypt, USA, and even this same Saudi Arabia, but Biafrans contended them all until they have to employ land, sea and air blockade against Biafrans thereby sending over two million Biafran children to the graves through starvation. But this is twenty-first century and times are different.

And to the Saudi troops coming, to fight Biafrans all the way from Saudi Arabia in Biafra land, all we can say is a very big WELCOME. Make sure you write your wills before coming because no stranger who sets his feet on Biafran soil to fight the children of light, the children of the most high will go back alive. You are hereby advised steer your ship northwards to help Nigeria fight Boko Haram and Hausa-Fulani herdsmen terrorists. But if you choose to come down to the south, consider yourself a goldfish that has no hiding place, if you like, paint yourselves BLACK.

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We still urge Muhammadu Buhari to release the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and tow the line of dialogue. But if he decides to tow the line of combat, we will have no alternative that to tow the line of Self Defence. If he decides to tow the line of "CRUSH THEM", Somalia will be a paradise compared to Nigeria in the aftermath
Free #Nnamdi Kanu
Free #Biafra

Written By Ikechukwu NwaOrisa

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