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Sunday 12 June 2016


The Nigerian Army led by Buratai, with authorisation from Muhammadu Buhari and Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra state molested unarmed Biafrans who gathered at Nkpor singing and praying in rememberance of our fallen heroes of the Biafra-Nigeria civil war. Many of them were brutalised, maimed and shot at before taking them to their barracks. After the previous interview with some of the victims of the Nigerian police and army's brutality on 30th may 2016,  it became crystal clear that The combined forces are not only heartless but are hoodlums and babarians in uniform. These are more of the victims who were maimed and kidnapped to their Barrack and from there to State CID in Anambra with untreated wounds all over their bodies.


INTERVIEWER: Good morning, Brother. Can we know your name and what happened to you?


My name is Chidozie Onuoha, I'm from Imo state but reside in Lagos. I came to Nkpor in Onitsha on 30th of May 2016, to honour our fallen Heroes who were part of the Genocide meted on them during the Biafra/Nigeria civil war in 1967- 1970. So we came to honour their memory on that fateful day which was on Monday morning. while we were praying, all of a sudden we saw Nigeria military men with their armored cars, they started shooting sporadically at us and I got shot on my left leg. Many were injured whilst uncountable numbers died and the Nigerian army took their bodies away. Our IPOB Brothers rushed the available injured ones to the hospitals. To our greatest surprise, the Army that shot us came there and picked us from our injury bed back to their stations. We spent like 5hrs in their station with our injury before they took us back to the hospital for treatment. That was what brought me here and I thank ChukwuOkike Abhiama that I made it alive because it was a horrible and painful experience.
INTERVIEWER: Was there any sharp object or weapon that you had that resulted to the unforgettable act?

VICTIM: My Sister, we were only praying we had nothing except our flags and cloths.

INTERVIEWER: Now that you are in this pain as a result of what you believed in, can you tell us your plan as regards Biafra agitation as soon as you recover?

VICTIM: I am a Biafran, I have come to fight for my freedom and right, I will never relent. As soon as I recover If there should be any gathering of Biafrans, i will be there until they give us freedom.


My Name is Osuagwu Chibuike, I am from Imo.
I am 30 years and I'm not married.

INTERVIEWER: Please can you tell us what brought you to this hospital?

VICTIM: It was also on 30th May, when we were honouring our Heroes and Heroines that the Nigeria Solider started shooting at us and they shot at my right leg, I fell down and was crying for help. They came and took me into their van. I was on top of the dead bodies of our brothers which they killed and they took us to their barrack and there they molested and further brutalized us. That was where I got this knife cut on my left hand. We stayed in their prison yard for days before they took us to State CID, after which they took us to prison and from there we were granted bail. Since we were still untreated, our brothers then brought us to this hospital for treatment.
INTERVIEWER: When they took you to that place, did they by any chance give you any kind of treatment?

VICTIM: No, they didn't give us any treatment instead they tortured us the more. Some of us were still with bullets in their body whilst having all kinds of maltreatment from them.


My name is Okechukwu Solomon. I am a native of Umuahia but I reside at Osisioma In Aba. I am 25yrs old and I'm not married. It was on our Heroes day which was the day we as usual intended to mark the rememberance of our fallen Heroes, while were praying, the Nigerian army started shooting at us and they shot me on my left lap and then seeing that I have been hit, I started running only for them to shoot me again on my right ankle. The pain became unbearable I had to jump inside the gutter in order to hide myself there, unfortunately one of the Hausa soldiers came and saw me there, then he started pouring Acid on my body and out of aggraviated pain I screamed so loud calling for help and then one of them asked him to stop, not to kill me but bring me along with them.
I was on top of those that were killed and  then they drove to their barrack. We spent a day without treatment and there i lost consciousness. According to my brother who was in the same cell with me, on seeing that i was unconscious started shouting and at the same time telling them that I'm dying. Then they took us away and we asked them "where are you people taking us to?" They said that they were going to give us treatment, not knowing that they were lying to us, rather they brought us to State CID. From there we were taken to prison and granted bail afterwards for treatment. As you can see all my hands are now peeling as a result of acid bathe by Nigeria Army.

INTERVIEWER: Can you tell us your little experience there?

VICTIM: My Sister, our only hope is Biafra... because I saw almost 700 of our people there. Others are innocent Biafran languishing in jail. It is so sad to say how we are being maltreated in our own land. Biafra is the only thing that will save us!


My name is Ifeanyi Chukwu Ndubuisi. I am a native of Ogbaru. I am 28 years old and single. It was on the same day that we were honouring our Heroes all over the world that the Nigerian army started shooting at us. They shot me on my right and left hand and then they took us away to there cell where we spent days with all kinds of ill  treatment on us. But we thank God that we made it alive. That incident is what I will never forget in a hurry.

INTERVIEWER: were you with any weapon that i might have got them provoked to warrant such ill treatment on you people?
VICTIM: We have never been violent before, we are always peaceful people in all our gatherings, including protest because that is what our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu always asked of us. So are we going to start being violent on a day we were to remember our fallen heroes? One thing you have to understand is that, the Police, Army and Navy were trained to humiliate Biafrans and innocent Civilians. This is why i must continue to fight in order to make sure that Biafra is restored!


My name is Chinedu Ugbana from Ebonyi State. I am 27years, married and blessed with one child. It was on 30th of May, when we were honouring our fallen heroes that the Nigerian Police and Army started shooting at us sporadically. They killed many of us, even those that were just passing by were also shot to death. It was as if we were in a state of war. If you were to see what happened on that fateful day, the way and manner at which these blood thirsty army and police were shooting at us, you will understand exctactly what I'm trying to say. We were even trying to see if we can carry our brothers' corpses that they shot but we couldnt, because as soon as they killed them, their bodies were immediately taken away. It was in the process of trying to get their corpses that they arrested me and some of our brothers. Then some of the army watched over us in order to prevent us from escaping, while the others left to continue with their shooting. They even tried to shoot at us but as God may have it, they didn't succeed and then an Hausa army brought out his knife started butchering us, the knife cut my head open and then excess blood wasted made me lose consciousness. They then took us away, while 4 dead bodies were on top of me. We were up to 70 in number that I know they took away that day.

INTERVIEWER: Who stitched your wound?

VICTIM: while I was still bleeding, one of our Biafran brothers who is in the military lambasted them before they stitched my head in the Barrack.
INTERVIEWER: You stated earlier that they took about 70 of our brothers away, butchered and shot them in the barrack. Now, can you tell us if all the people that were arrested and taken to the barrack on that very day was transferred from there to state CID?

VICTIM: Yes, I am very sure that we were up to 70 but when they transferred us to State CID we were 25 in number. And I am very sure that they poured others acid and buried them in a mass grave because we didn't hear from them since then.

INTERVIEWER: A bitter story, I must say. Do you think that you will still continue the struggle for your freedom?

VICTIM: I believe that I came out from prison to start from where my brothers who died on that fateful day stopped. And I promise them that I will never relent from this cause until Biafra is restored. This is my assurance to them.


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