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Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Apostle Johnson Suleman
Our humble attention has been drawn to a supposed unguarded utterances credited to a certain Johnson Suleman who has openly decided to join the disjointed band of religious false preachers to speak against the Biafra agitation by saying that "Biafra is dead and forgotten." It is absolutely expedient that we reply this wolf hiding under the cloak of religion as quickly and straightforwardly as we can to refute his venomous utterance, and put him right where he belongs.

The self-styled "apostle" and stark ignorance of religion he claimed to be a messenger to, have lost every sense and virtues of true Apostleship. If not, he would have understood that the very Bible he professes is sacrosanct with salvation and deliverance from tyranny and oppressions.
Suleman ought to know that he as a messenger (for that is the meaning of the Greek word he took upon himself), is in the business of delivering people from darkness to light, which is  typological to Biafra going out of evil and oppressive Nigeria.


It is very inconceivable of him saying that "Biafra is dead and buried", but ‘No’ it is not! Suleiman should tell the world where, how and when Biafra became dead, buried and forgotten? Was it in 1970 when the official declaration was "No victor, No vanquished"? Or was she dead during his brothers’ tyrannical rule right from Yakubu Gowon who poignantly flouted the three Rs post-war policy of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation? Was it dead when Biafrans were given meagre amounts from the millions they made and kept in Nigerian Banks before the war?

Is it not quite obvious that Suleman have insidiously manifested himself as an undercover agent to attack and insult Biafrans for standing for their inalienable rights? It is also very appalling that a man who calls himself a man of God and knows the Biblical stories of the Exodus from Egypt, has drastically turned his back from the truth to now blame the oppressed rather than the oppressor, making his stewardship very questionable. What is he then preaching? He has thus stultified himself before the eyes of right-thinking Biafrans and his satanic Church will soon be deserted. Suleman should stop deceiving the public that he’s a man of God whom he’s not.

He knows nothing about the true God of deliverance Who hates and condemns oppression and actually fought a war popularly known as “Let My People Go.” Suleman is a fake man of God, who is charged by the materialism offered to him by the rogue and insincere leaders we have in Nigeria, to fight against the truth.
Everyone knows that the people of God are supposed to tell the truth and shun all manners of evil with their sharp rebukes but such is not so with Suleiman and his bands of fake preachers who lives in affluence and unrighteousness.


Truth is sacred, and we are commanded in the Bible which Suleman possesses, to tell the truth at all times no matter the circumstances we find ourselves. It is a moral principle to be followed because God is truthful, and we are called to emulate His Character.
God also commands people to tell the truth, most notably in the Ten Commandments, given in Exodus 20:16 that “You shall not bear false witnesses against your neighbour” and also restated in Leviticus 19:11 that “You shall not lie to or against one another.” Proverbs also informs us that telling the truth leads to the best long-term outcomes for us; “Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment” (Proverbs 12:19).

His attack on Biafra does not only prove him fake and dubious but as well, an open truth that he is an undercover agent for both Nigeria and the Devil. He should stop deceiving people and get back to his Islamic root just as his other fellows have done. Biafrans who throng his ministry should henceforth desist from attending because he holds no truth and knows nothing about salvation.

People like Suleman who attack Biafrans are sadists, and clear agents of hell who never felt sorry for oppressing their fellow man in a free world God created us all. He should get ready to commit suicide because Biafra has come to stay. Like they say, it is either Biafra or Death, on Biafra we stand.
John Suleiman should go to Hell!

Written by Ezza Heritage.
Edited by Chukwuemeka Chimerue.
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers.

1 comment

  1. Didn’t this so-called apostle Johnson Suleiman sound like a war genocide and hypocrite Gowon? Suleiman is a false prophet. Who made him an apostle anyway? A Muslim terrorist and liar, who embraced Christianity to deceive gullible citizens and biblical ignorant in order to enrich himself. He’ll live to see Biafra come and in no time, see Biafra become the super-power and giant of Africa – politically, economically, technologically, etc. I hope that all Igbos in his church will leave immediately and go some where else. And by the way, it's time Biafrans get out from churches led by northerners and SW pastors. Majority of them are false pastors. You are being brainwashed and deceived.


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