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Friday 20 May 2016


ENUGU— Yesterday, 19th, 2016, the IPOB Enugu state added a new family of Biafrans into their folds as the State Coordinator of Enugu, led other principal officers of the state to inaugurate Biafrans in Ezima Agubuowa Community in Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu state; a supposed town where the present Enugu state Deputy Governor, Mrs Cecilia Ezeilo hails from.

Through their youth leader, the villagers present at the inauguration wholeheartedly welcomed the IPOB principal officers whom in turn stated the reasons for visiting their community. The state Coordinator without wasting time, stated that the reason for the visit is to officially inaugurate an IPOB family in the community which he hopes will spread to other parts of Ezeagu LGA. He lectured the villagers on the meaning of IPOB, it's ideologies, what it stands for and the moral conducts of IPOB, saying that they do not behave like touts or animals in the zoo.

Stating myriads of reasons why they should fight for the restoration of Biafra, he said that their mission is to spread the gospel of Biafra restoration around the nooks and crannies of the community. He said they must have an appointed Coordinator who will be in charge and also will be reporting their day-to-day activities to the state. He also outlined the meaning and importance of oath taking, saying that it is symbolic in IPOB so as to prevent the infiltration of saboteurs and unscrupulous elements into their folds.


Explaining the manner of taking the oath of allegiance, he stated that it is administered in the name of no deity nor other gods but the Almighty God(ChukwuOkikeAbiama) and that the oath binds all of us in the family. He said that IPOB is under one central command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and that whatever he directs is what would be done and that IPOB's chains of command flows through its hierarchy. He said that anyone who is to be appointed their Coordinator is to work for the restoration of Biafra but if found wanting, would be immediately replaced by another who is ready to work more than the former as everybody in IPOB is working as servants in order to achieve a definite goal.

He described working in IPOB as a selfless venture that attracts no payment, but one of its aims, is to awaken every Biafran both men, women and even children to come together to restore their fatherland.
Dissociating himself from working for the interest of the Igbos, he said that he works only for the betterment of all Biafrans as it cuts across other indigenous ethnic groups, saying that he no longer wishes to remain in Nigeria.
In his address to the community’s youth leader, one of the Coordinators, said that he(youth leader) has a special role to play in organizing the members of the community and in setting up families not only in Ezima Agubuowa but also in the neighbouring communities. He said that such roles also include the safeguarding the people of the community in his capacity, security-wise.

The people were given some minutes to choose amongst themselves who will lead them and they came up with a middle aged Biafran man to coordinate them. In his acceptance speech, the newly appointed coordinator said that he was born during the Nigeria-Biafra war and was tutored by his parents of what transpired during the war. He also welcomed the state principal officers for coming to his village to set-up IPOB, saying he has been hearing of them. He noted that he is aware that IPOB is not a money-making outfit, promising that the next time the State IPOB will visit them, they will be greeted with huge presence of people from the community.

The state women coordinator in her speech, expressed her satisfaction on the choice of the villagers in appointing the new coordinator of Ezima Agubuowa. She noted that anybody who is coming into IPOB is to work for the primary objective of restoring the sovereign state of Biafra by adding his/her own quota to the progress of the struggle. She admonished that Biafrans is noted for being truthful at all times, saying that they are not coming from the Nigerian government and so they should not expect much from them.


She noted that the era of taking or accepting bribes is over as no one wants to remain a slave anymore.
She told them that they should be truthful, diligent and honest at all times, pointing out that our leader, Nnamdi Kanu is still in prison today for the obvious reasons and that he had rejected all entreaties to betray the Biafran course. She finally told him to accept the mandate to serve in the family, adding that God will lead him to the right direction.

One of the Coordinators, in addressing the villagers, told them to be watchful and vigilante at all times against the rampaging Fulani herdsmen in order to avert the repetition of the incident at Nimbo, Uzo-Uwani LGA. He admitted that though we have no weapons to defend ourselves, but the villagers should make available their local weapons like machetes at their disposal, saying that IPOB does not carry arms but self-defense is obviously not against the law.

Another Coordinator, expressed his happiness over the creation of another family in Ezeagu, saying that what is left for them is to organize themselves in a well-coordinated manner and also to appoint within themselves, other members of the executives whom will work with the newly appointed coordinator. Citing an incident that happened last month at Amansiodo where Fulani herdsmen murdered three locals in cold blood, he said that they should be vigilant and alert at all times, and to prepare themselves against unpleasant uncertainties in order not to be taken unawares.
Again, the women coordinator rose to inform them the about the importance of the roles women play in the struggle, saying that they are expected to mobilize their women to join the struggle and that the women wing shall be inaugurated and a woman leader appointed next time they visit. She pointed out that being security conscious is not left for the men alone, tasking the women to also join in safeguarding their families and community as a whole by reporting any unusual or suspicious happenings in their locality.
The newly appointed coordinator also assured of his readiness and commitment in seeing that Biafra is brought back on the world's map.

In his closing remarks, the Enugu State Coordinator, congratulated the newly appointed Ezima coordinator for accepting to bear the burden placed on his shoulders in working for the independence of Biafra. Handing IPOB calendars and posters to them, he told them to bring out ideas that will ensure the expansion of IPOB families around them and for the progress of the struggle, saying that IPOB attained this enviable height today because of many ideas of intellectuals in our fold. Mentioning that there is a lot of work to do and much expected from him, he admitted that he knows the work is not easy but that he needs the help and cooperation of people around him as he will not work alone.

He informed that the person who will coordinate the entire community in Ezeagu LGA and who will be reporting to the state, shall be appointed after the inauguration of other communities in Eziagu.
He ended by reminding the villagers of the need to participate in the 30th May, Heroes Remembrance Day, saying that the duty and respect we owe those who died for our sake during the war, is to show up and honour the invitation to participate in the celebration of the Biafrans 50th year anniversary since after the Biafran genocidal war.

Reporting From Enugu: Chukwuemeka Chimerue
For Biafra Writers.

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