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Tuesday 17 May 2016


‘’I know that I shall meet my fate somewhere among the clouds above for those that I fight I do not hate, those that I guard I don’t not love’’…………William Butler Yeats

I must confess, the Nigeria that I fight for I do not love, Biafra that I have been paid to fight against I do not hate. Am just a victim of the power game. If I reject the mouthwatering package that am paid to join the fight against Biafra, I will be accused of selling-out, wasting a golden opportunity and even my family has threatened to disown me if I ever contemplate the idea. To them, it’s a God answered prayer and a once in a life time opportunity.

That is not even the main issue, the man issue is that if I quit now the state will ‘seal my fate’. Off course, I know that in this power game that I will definitely meet my fate someday somewhere either amongst those that I love not but fight for or those that I hate not but fight against. I know that it is inevitable but for now am sadly following the rules of command of my calling.


Am made to know or do I say that am made to believe that ensuring the unity, indivisibility and continued togetherness of the territory called Nigeria is my calling in life? They say that if I allow anything otherwise to happen to unity of Nigeria that I would have failed in my duty and also in my vow.                          
Although am supposed to be enjoying the goodies embedded in my offer of service yet am not happy. How can I be happy when daily am made to go against those that have never harmed me before? We (I and my team) are not only made to just go against them but also made to hate them thus the standing order during every routine instruction is for us to initiate plans that will have them CRUSHED.

Am sad that the Biafrans that am paid to killed, punish, maim and send to the gaol have never wronged me. Sadly enough, those that sent me to harm Biafrans have never done me right either. They daily want us to do injustices to Biafrans but also daily denied us and our kinsmen justices. Am presently at a cross road.

Am torn between following the command of my pay masters which is to get result: To make sure that coming of Biafra is stopped and soonest too and obeying the command of the silent audible voice that hits me daily asking me: why have you joined them to vow never to allow freedom for the children of Biafra – my chosen people? The voice usually end by urging me to be reminded of the lessons from Haman and Mordecai story.


This is my story. Story of an unusual destiny. I Am Abdullah Abubakar (not real names). I work with the DSS. Yes! You heard me right. I work with the Department of Security Service now christened Gestapo –DSS by Biafrans. In the whole of my many years of working with the organization I have never been so disorganized, so sad and so resultless like I am are presently.  We have worked harder than ever in attempts to stop the issues associated with the coming of Biafra from being at the front burner but the more we try the more it seems that we are losing it.

We were made to believe that arresting Nnamdi Kanu would land a devastating blow to the Biafrans, shatter their aspirations, disorganize them and eventually make them give up on the struggle. In our foolishness, we threw caution to the air and put all energy and resources into getting Nnamdi Kanu arrested and eventually succeeded. We rejoiced, danced and breathe a sigh of relief that we have finally gotten him.

However, in a twist of fate, his arrest which was supposed to be a genesis of the end of the Biafra struggle became the genesis of the announcement of the seriousness of the Biafrans to get Biafra restored. If only we had the benefit of hindsight am sure we would have done things differently.


We were made to believe that we will disorganize the struggle by taking their leader out which will mark the end of the struggle unfortunately we failed to take cognisance that media blackout that the former government made IPOB suffer gave them an opportunity to build a super administrative structure that is second to none.

What is confusing about this case is that they told us that nobody will come for him when arrested that he is not in the good book of ALL the Igbo leaders and elites. They claimed that he was only mouthing on air and actually had nobody on the ground unfortunately we now know better. We allowed the words of his accusers that he had nobody on ground that IPOB under his leadership was a mere facebook freedom fighters to fool us. I must admit that we under estimated their resolve. We were simply blinded by the promise to get him at all means.

The worse is that even after getting him; Biafrans still march to Radio Biafra’s explosive beat. There is only one reason for that, It’s simply because we have failed to stop radio Biafra. Who would believe that with the calibre of highly trained personnel that we have in our payroll that we can’t jam nor permanently stop this explosive beat marched to on daily basis by Biafrans as produced by 'ordinary' Radio Biafra? All our attempts to close down radio Biafra have always ended in a ‘’successful failure’’.

After weeks, months and now a year of ‘’successful failure’’ attempts of stopping these Biafrans, I have come to the inevitable conclusion, infact am now convinced that there is only but just one set of people that are capable of stopping this Biafran struggle and it’s the Biafrans themselves.

Written By Chuks Ikedigwe
Published By Nwosu C.S
Artist: Judy Chidimma
For Biafra Writers

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