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Monday 9 May 2016


Debe "Ojukwu"
DEBE OJUKWU? The first time I heard his name was when Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu died and he was introduced as his bastard first son. Until now he has remained anonymous.

A leader leads by example. Moses led the Israelites physically and intervened severally for them, Jesus led by example and died on the cross as atonement for all. Mandela led South Africa by example and spent twenty seven years in prison for it.

Nnamdi Kanu is leading by example and has been locked up severally and this time for the past six months, yet he has not betrayed his people. Where have you "Ojukwu" sprouted from and where have you been all this while? Who are you representing?

We do not know you and your efforts have not been seen or noticed in anyway. By claiming to be an agitator, you disgrace your lineage and shame the name you are christened. What your father laid down as foundation is being rubbished by your cowardly betrayal of the genuine efforts made by the great people of BIAFRA.


You are mocking the death of your people publicly, yet you claim to be a part of us. Has there been anything or anywhere that became by itself? God created Man and the universe. Britain, through Lord Luggard created Nigeria in 1914, therefore how can IPOB not be formed by a person's or persons' idea?

Have you forgotten when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu visited you at your Lekki residence, requesting that you joined IPOB? He even used Radio Biafra to fight your case and help you out of your dilemma when your family tagged you the bastard son of Ojukwu. Have you forgotten all these, or are you intentionally omitting the efforts our Director put in your time of despair?

Uwazuruike formed MASSOB - we all know, Who registered IPOB, Mazi Debe? Where have you been all these while? And by the way, what forceful protest are you referring to? When workers go on strike, do they not paralyze the economy? When medical practioners go on strike, does it affect lives or not? When lecturers go on strike does it not affect students?

Is it legal to shoot and kill unarmed, peaceful protesters? You are one of the saboteurs in Biafran land. You have sold out on your people and now I wonder if really our hero and mentor's blood runs in your system.

What legal means are you talking about? Gowon refused to honour the Aburi accord, and nothing has been done about it all these years, rather the continuous mutilation and neglect of your people. Yet you shamelessly hope to receive justice in a lawless community.


Just like your counterpart, Ikedife, you have tangled with the vampires who are sucking up the innocent blood of our people. Your father must be turning angrily in his grave to hear your unconcerned comments about your own people. O! How are the mighty fallen!

You are begging for politicial crumbs by undressing in public just like Ikedife who traveled with other traitors to Aso rock, just to plead for political posts. "Notable Igbo leaders, including retired army generals, led by the former President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr. Dozie Ikedife, have appealed to the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, to give Ndigbo their pride of place in his in-coming administration, not minding that Ndigbo did not give him massive vote during the just concluded presidential election. The leaders, who made the appeal during a private visit to Buhari, confessed that the people of the South-East voted heavily for the PDP and not very much for the APC, thereby creating the impression that the president-elect was not supported by the Igbo.

Read more:Ikedife, ex-Ohanaeze boss, leads Ndigbo to Buhari, pledges Igbo loyalty

In what way did you form IPOB and how is it that we have never heard your voice even when Nnamdi Kanu was arrested, nor when protesters were murdered in cold blood, even when the praying IPOB members were massacred at the National High school, Aba in Feb, 2016?

You failed to lend your voice when IPOB members were found brutally and gruesomely perforated with acid, chemical and bullets and dumped in burrow pit along Port Harcourt road, Aba. So I ask you again, Mr. Debe, where have you been all this while?

Nnamdi Kanu never assumed leadership, he earned it and all these faceless and unpopular names like Justice Eze Ozobu, Dr Dozie Ikedife and Col. Achuzia are unknown in this fight for freedom, we have neither felt their impart or heard their voices until now when the bridge is nearly crossed. You all now come out to claim leadership, but as day and light is, so also is the truth - it cannot be hidden. The people know who their leader is.

You, Debe and your cohorts should be ashamed because you kept mute when we were slaughtered and have only come out now to fight for leadership. Shame on all of you.The bible rightly states that "my sheep here my voice and I know them and they follow me". You can make all the allegations you like, the people know their leader. Leadership as well as respect is earned, not bought.

They were on the verge of creating those positions, you say? Very laughable. As you said, the main IPOB under Eze Ozobu was a media department. Very comical. What exactly do you understand by INDIGENIOUS PEOPLE?

Who awoke the people to the truth? Nnamdi.

Who has traveled many countries and places preaching Biafra? Nnamdi.

Who is facing treasonable felony charges, etc? Nnamdi.

Who has not betrayed his people for oil wells and political positions? Nnamdi.

Who has broken media records and held the Nigerian government to ransom? Nnamdi.

Who knows you and your bunch of post seekers? Nobody.

Can any of you be it BHRI or Ohanaeze ndi Igbo spend 8 months in prison like Kanu?

If you have the tenacity, try to command the Biafrans.

Debe "Ojukwu", you are a traitor! Who are these unknown leaders that you mention and what have you people added to the struggle? How many court cases have you filed concerning the realization of Biafra and how many have you won legally on her behalf? Freedom has never been served on a platter but taken, even the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force.

If Massob is part of IPOB, why is Madu heading one and Uwazuruike forming a new BIM Massob? It is absolutely clear that you are misinformed about the formation and organization of Ipob. Dr Dozie Ikedife himself denied belonging to IPOB or any group, therefore are you not misquoting?

Ikedife had said that Kanu was only the Director of Radio Biafra and not the leader of IPOB as he claimed, saying that, Supreme Council of the Indigenous People of Biafra (SCIPOB) was founded by some group of persons in London and has also been used by the Bilie Human Right Initiative. The ex-Ohanaze chieftain went ahead to deny the al­legation that he campaigned for All Progressives Con­gress (APC) in the last elec­tion, adding that Kanu has no power or right to dissolve the SCIPOB, which he said was made of college of leader­ship. He denied claiming to be the leader of any pro-Biafran groups, be it MASSOB or IPOB.
Read more at:


It will be better for you to resign to your lodge and stop making a fool of your legacy. Ikedife never mentioned Justice Ozobu as leader and never claimed to be the leader as you accorded him. You must be a blatant liar to make such utterances publicly.

You want Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to be jailed, right? You wish him dead? You are praying for a speedy trial whereby the Nigerian government can dispose of him?

Let me disappoint you. It will never happen because IPOB is a people, not a terrorist group. IPOB is fighting a just battle, legally and according to the United Nations Charter, self determination is a fundamental right.

IPOB or Nnamdi has killed not anyone as Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen have been doing with impunity, rather we are been jointly killed by Nigerian military personnel as ordered from above.

Remember, no evidence has been brought against Nnamdi Kanu who various courts have already granted freedom. Let me also remind you that freedom of speech is a fundamental right in democracy and Nnamdi spoke the truth about Nigeria. And like he rightly said;

Is Nigeria not expired and dead? What is progressing in Nigeria? Is the Nigerian soil not  soaked with the blood of the innocent? Are the leaders not greedy and thieves? Is Monkey not working while Baboons are chopping, in Nigeria? Who takes care of the masses and who steals from the masses?
Where have you been all this while, Mr Debe?

Being the son of our patriot and hero, late Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu does not qualify you to be the mouthpiece for INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA. Respect yourself!.

Written By: Victoria O.C Agangan
Edited By: Uche Nwosu
Published By: Nwosu C.S
For Biafra writers

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