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Wednesday 25 May 2016


CALABAR— At the inauguration of a new family at the weekend, the Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, welcomed another huge number of Biafrans into their folds, whose fore fathers were deceived into seeing their fellow Biafrans as strangers and enemies.

The people whom are mostly indigenes of Cross-rivers and Akwa-Ibom States recently declared for Biafra, assuring of their total and unflinching support for the restoration of Biafra under the firm leadership of the Director of Radio Biafra/TV and leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and as well stating that the era of divide and rule is over for them.

The Biafraland National Coordinator, who led the Cross-rivers state Coordinator, and other executives from Rivers and Akwa-Ibom States, stormed Okrikan Akpa Okonyong in Odukpani Local Government of the state where the inauguration took place.
Introducing the state principal officers to the indigenes, the National Coordinator laid down the guidelines, rules and principles guiding those in the struggle. He assured them of constant communication which he said will be relayed to their state coordinator.

The state coordinator  Mr Chukwuka, who further lectured them on the objectives and targeted goals of IPOB and Biafra, stated that they will be holding meetings weekly and once in every month.
He told them that Biafrans are known for their peaceful disposition, and that with all hands on deck, Biafra will be restored sooner than they think.
He said that the struggle is all about what they can bring to the table for the progress of the struggle which every Biafran stands to benefit when it is restored.

Speaking to the newly inaugurated people, one of the principal officers from Akwa-Ibom state said that God wants to restore a nation under his own watch where his words will stand as a mantle which his people(Biafrans) will respect and obey.
He told them that the Biafran nation is not all about a single ethnic group as being peddled by some mischief makers and compromised groups, but for every ethnic families that made up the old Eastern region be you Anang, Efik, Ibibio, Igbo, Itshekiri, Ijaw, Idoma, Igala and others.

He stated that the British conspired with Hausa/Fulani oligarchy to obliterate Biafrans from the surface of the earth but today, even children are beginning to talk about Biafra under the watch of Nnamdi Kanu because God has come for our redemption through him. After his speech, they were allowed to elect their Coordinator, Secretary and other principal officers from within themselves.
Speaking to Biafra Writers, one of them who hails from Efik, thanked the principal officers for coming to inaugurate them, saying that they are fully aware they are Biafrans long before they came for the inauguration. “We're Biafrans, we knew this before you people came to inaugurate us. Biafra belongs to us and since we've started, will never go back until Biafra is restored” he said.

Earlier before the inauguration in Calabar, the National Coordinator led other principal officers to Igweocha(Port Harcourt) where some new family members who identified themselves as Biafrans were welcomed, they also inaugurated some families in Akwa-Ibom state before heading to Cross-river.

Chukwuemeka Chimerue.
Reporting from Calabar.
For Biafra Writers.

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