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Friday, 13 May 2016


The Niger Delta millitant group otherwise known as the 'Avengers' have once again kept to their word of bombing top oil facilities. Today the 13th of may 2016, Chevron oil facility was hit by a bomb explosion at their Marakaba line, operated in Warri, Delta State by the millitants.

This came after their warning yesterday the 12th of may 2016, signalling that all oil firms operating in the region should vacate their land in two weeks or risk being roasted alive. But the Avengers could not wait for the ultimatum issued to elapse before setting the Chevron facility ablaze today. Perhaps the threat issued by the tyrant cum president of Nigeria to crush them got them infuriated.

Apparently alot of people especially Buhari took them for granted, hence the need to send a strong signal that they are not joking with their list of unmet demands. Perhaps now they understand that these new set of millitants mean business unlike the likes of Ateke Tom and the others who only used millitancy to enrich themselves, while shying away from the overall objectives they ought to fight for.

The Avengers are showing that they are truly Biafrans in nature, because what they are fighting for is just and right. They are a people whose land produces what the contraption called Nigeria feeds on, but yet their land is faced with desolation and degradation. Their demands are not that stiff and so Buhari should just meet them for peace to reign.

But the Avengers must also understand the need to think of restoring Biafra, because there is absolutely nothing like Niger Delta or South South. This is a mere title created to keep us in disunity and perpetual bondage. We appreciate their call for Nnamdi Kanu's release and all effort geared towards bringing the fraudulent British Enterprise called Nigeria to its knee is highly welcomed!

Written By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra writers


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