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Saturday 7 May 2016


As it appears, there should never be a specially designed sanctuary to have a debate on critical national issues, especially when it has to do with the generality of the well-being of a people and especially when it has to do with an endangered people. For instance, when a man has certain health challenges, the first thing would be to administer a “First Aid Treatment”, hence you do not have to take him to the hospital as the first measure. Biafrans have become an endangered people as a result of the marginalization, subjugation and atrocities meted out against them by the gruesome and reckless governments of their host country – Nigeria.

 Therefore, the discussion for Biafra’s self-determination should not be restricted to any particular area, media or geographical location. The study of the historical experiences of Biafra and the Biafran people, should be built into school curriculums and made compulsory as a prerequisite for history studies in all Biafran schools. There should be Libraries and Museums built to preserve the stories of the Biafran predicaments. Biafran discussions should be opened up and sustained in every single forum.


On the prevailing catastrophic situation in Nigeria, there are no other root and immediate causes that needs to be identified, other than the fact that a group of pillaging and murderous European agents in the guise of Explorers and Missionaries came to Africa, forcibly and unanimously, lumped up several previously distinct Nations together for their own selfish ends, without considering the damages that the resulting ideological imbalance could create in the future, one of which is stagnated development.

There are no other solutions that needs to be applied, other than undoing the atrocities done by these European imperialists – disintegrating Nigeria, which has for decades, resulted in a conflict of ideologies? The major honourable consequences of disintegrating Nigeria would be the fact that there would be absolute peace and these several distinct Nations would begin to genuinely develop at a pace that is allowable by their various inherent ideologies?

It would be rather disappointing to continue to believe the hoax orchestrated by the Junta – Gowon, and his agents, that Biafra is landlocked, which was aimed at dissuading Biafra’s quest for self-determination. More so, expressing it should be regarded as the height of ignorance, myopia and stupidity.

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While I must strictly remind these criminally minded and ignorant Nigerians that “not-being” landlocked is never a determining factor for a Nation’s socio-economic progress and that “being” landlocked is also not a determinant for a Nation’s socio-economic failure, they must be duly informed that Biafra is not landlocked in any way. If “not-being” landlocked, is a determining factor for a Nation’s socio-economic advancement, why has Nigeria remained in shambles, why has it remained a laughing stock and an instrument of mockery among the league of Nations?

For your information, Biafra has multiple access to the sea/ocean. However, I’d point out just a few of these facts, among numerous others. Ikwere/Port Harcourt (originally Igweocha) was dredged about 40-50 miles to sea from Bonny River to the Atlantic Ocean. Onne port dredged 50-60 miles to sea from Bonny River to the Atlantic Ocean. Calabar port is dredged about 45-50 miles to the Atlantic Ocean. Ibaka (Akwa Ibom) deep port is about 30 miles to the Atlantic Ocean without dredging and about the best in depth and width. More so, Obuaku Ndoki port in Abia State is just 25 miles to the Atlantic Ocean from the confluence of the Imo River and Azummiri (blue river) in Abia State, which is a large, rich and deep body of water of high motion and which is also about 25-30 miles to the Atlantic Ocean for large ports and ships.

Specifically, numerous Igbo towns and villages in Anambra, Abia, Imo, Anioma are about 30 minutes to 1 hour drive to the Atlantic Ocean. Please! all these do not suggest “being” landlocked. For the moment, I shall pause here for this analysis because the instances are almost innumerable. You may also want to compare these with the likes of Kaduna, Kano, Chad, Niger and the CAR, which are about 2000 to 3000 miles to the nearest sea body or ocean and which is likely to take weeks and months for heavy goods to get to the nearest port for export and vice versa for import.


Also, according to a UN treaty, international law of the sea and African Union laws, Igboland specifically is not landlocked as it has many Rivers, canals, lakes and bays in Anambra, Abia, Anioma and Imo all of which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Also, the knowledge of the story of the suez canal would further invalidate the illusive notion that Biafra is landlocked considering these foregoing facts.

By the way, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, though landlocked, among numerous others, are examples of Nations that have prospered far greater than those that are not landlocked. Somalia has about the longest coastline in Africa but has remained a failed state just like Nigeria. Great access to the sea has never improved the fortunes of countries such as Jamaica and Haiti. Therefore, the argument of being landlocked has never and would never outweigh the desire for self-determination with an overall prospect of a progressive economy and social well-being.

On the issue of Governors in Biafra land being silent, It is a known fact that you do not wait for the affluents to spark up a revolution for good, because they are usually comfortable with the status quo as much as they are afraid to die and abandon their fraudulent acquisitions. The fact is that everywhere in the world, the commoners spark up a revolution and as long as they are by far larger in number, the politicians are insignificant. An Igbo adage says, “Igwe bu Ike” and another says, “otu onye siere oha, oha erichaa mana oha siere otu onye, o gaghi ericha”.

On the issue of Kanu, it’s obvious that he has been vindicated by the fulfillment of his prophesy about the recklessness of the current Government of Nigeria. If you have ever listened to him, you may want to call him a prophet because all he ever said is actually coming to pass just as he said them. Here’s a quote of what someone wrote in that regard, “Below is one of Nnamdi Kanu's prophetic predictions that still baffles me on how he got this right 2 years ago.

"As they campaign vigorously for elections, you would think, they are coming to grow the economy, enthrone justice, breed unity and tolerance, love for one another. No, they are coming to enthrone Hausa Fulani supremacy, to reposition the security agencies by sacking all competent hands and replacing them with their kinsmen in order to drive their ethnic domination of the south, the Fulani herdsmen will be armed and encouraged to slaughter us with impunity and their masters will protect them. They are coming to ensure that my people are enslaved forever. Those who do not believe me will soon see it happen before their eyes’ - Nnamdi Kanu, 6th Feb. 2014.


The problem is that the skepticism of Ndi Igbo, is the same attribute that is gradually leading them to a total destruction. More so, ignorance is the greatest causative factor for the current problem. They never think that anyone should be listened to nor followed. They would always bring up one silly argument or the other to ensure that a common honourable objective is not achieved. They must find a way to discredit your plans even when they do not have any workable plans.

Nnamdi Kanu was shouting on top of his voices, informing Ndi Igbo and Biafrans that there’s an imminent catastrophe, but the same people he’s trying to save joined the enemies to brand him a hate-preacher. They blindly and stupidly said he’s crying wolf and that he’s encouraging ethnic tension. The question now is, “what is currently the situation?“ Has he not been vindicated? Has everything he said not come to reality?

By the way, it is now a clear fact  that since the inception of Nigeria, people were not thinking at all. For how long would people be immersed in the illusion that Nigeria has prospects if it continues to exist? For how long would people continue to try the same thing regressive approach (one-nigeria) and expect to have a progressive change? As for the Biafran youths whom some politicians and rogues, think they have no idea of what they’re talking because they’re in support of the Biafra restoration effort, I can bet these rogues and politicians, that even if these Biafran youths are not aware of what they’re saying – because they’re supporting Biafra, at least they are certain that Nigeria has no prospects for them, hence they want to try Biafra.

Concerning the various protests for Biafra restoration, people need to understand that the quest to restore Biafra is revolutionary and a revolution is not a ceremony. In a revolution, more severe situations are encountered, including loss of lives. The essence of such an exercise is to get the bourgeois to speak or act against the injustices meted out on a people. If there was nothing of such, people who are expected to get involved or mediate wouldn’t understand the seriousness of the situation. When Martin Luther King Jr, was on a mission to salvage the blacks in America, it was obviously not a ceremony. When Gandhi was on the same quest for the Indians, it wasn’t a party either. When America had to fight off the tyrannical rule of the British Empire, it clearly wasn’t a ceremony.

The disunity among Biafrans especially Igbos, was as a result of the Nigerian factor. The Nigerian project never had anything good in stock for Biafrans especially Ndi Igbo, however, that unity and collective progress, is what the current Biafra restoration quest seeks to achieve. On the issue of fears of possible power tussle in the new Biafra, it should be noted that there’s obviously not going to be such in the new Biafra. As a matter of fact, corruption is what brings about unnecessary power tussles. If a government is people-oriented government, then there wouldn’t be need for power tussle because there’s no need for corruption and greed. If all the Biafran enclaves agree on a common ground to run an all inclusive government (which is totally absent in Nigeria), then there wouldn’t be need for power tussle and that is also what the Biafran quest seeks to achieve.

The Nigerian question has gone beyond politics, it’s a matter of conquest, subjugation and Islamization in a civilized era, but incidentally, we’re waiting for angels to reveal that to us first. Please let us avoid undermining a glorious quest out of our own inherent skepticisms. Even if there would be power tussle in Biafra eventually, I personally would prefer to fight with my brother because we share the same ideological stance and because we would better have an understanding afterwards, rather than fight with someone who neither shares my ideologies nor appreciates my values, because he’s interested in subduing me and forcibly making me subservient to his inferior ideologies and religious ideals.

Finally, the pertinent questions are, “if Nigeria was and still is a product of colonialism, slavery, conquest, etc., all of which saw to the destruction, rape, slaughter, plundering and subjugation of Africa, Nigeria and Nigerians, if we say that colonialism, slavery and conquest have ended following our resistance to them because they’re evil, then would it not be wise to end Nigeria as well? Why then do we reject certain evils and then turn around to retain other evils? Does that not amount to hypocrisy of the highest order?

For once, can we just come to a compromise on such a critical issue? For once, can we just have a common front to propel a common honourable ideology? For the very first time, can we just pretend to be ignorant in order to reach a consensus on how to advance Biafra which would unarguably ensure a greater fortune for the entire Biafrans as a common people?

By KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta 
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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