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Tuesday 17 May 2016


The Avangers defending their territory 
“Risible” – that’s the adjective of choice when a sitting president who sees the fight against the murderous Boko Haram terrorists as “an attack against the north”, declares war on Niger-Delta Avengers who, even by their name, are merely seeking a redress on matters weighing heavily and conspiratorially against their people. Having been crying and ignored for too long, and having seen how court orders have been flouted and the rule of law confined to the bins under the military-civilian remix administration of the most inhuman tyrant of our time – Buhari, of course seeking this redress in the court of justice is for sure a futile undertaking, prompting the Niger-Delta Avengers to tow a more feasible/plausible route in their pursuit of justice and right to existence. Notably, the unfortunate enclave referred to as Nigeria (niger-area) has thrived solely on the resources that come from Biafra land. The northern parasites who had for long hijacked the oil wells in our land have clung to the abstract noun “One Nigeria”. Let me point out here to whosoever that is still in the dark that, if these oil deposits were to be in the northern hemisphere, the abominable name “Nigeria” would have long ceased to exist. You have Nigeria today because of the oil in Biafra land.

Regardless of glaring fact that Nigeria has been kept afloat with the oil money from Biafra land, Biafran communities have been terribly neglected by the Nigerian demonic government. It is sad that the people from whose land the wealth of the country comes are kept a distance from the dining table, while those who contribute nothing to the federal coffers feed fat. Of course that’s one monumental ill that even the devil shudders at, but that’s not just all, the greater evil comes in the genocidal onslaught against the peace-loving people of Biafra, which Buhari, having sworn to obliterate from the surface of the earth, commenced upon his ascendance to power by deploying Nigerian troops to bomb to grave the poor innocent people of Cross-Rivers state.

Recently, he has equipped his kinsmen with ammunition and unleashed on us. They enter our villages under the guise of “herdsmen” and then act out the morbid script handed over to them. We saw what they did in Enugu, in Delta, in Ogoja, and several other parts of Biafra land. Now this Dracula in power has decided to step up his evil agenda by declaring war on the Niger-Delta Avengers who are just freedom fighters. In his thirst for Biafran blood, he has instructed the military commanders to select mostly Biafrans serving in Nigerian military for this evil mission with the sadistic calculation that, whichever way the tide falls – whether the soldiers kill the Avengers or the Avengers kill the soldiers – Biafrans will be the ones dying.

At a time like this when these infidels’ hatred on us is so pronounced that their scheme day and night is nothing else but how to infuse pains into our already puckered veins and bring to abrupt end our existence as a people, that we draw the minds of Biafrans in the Nigerian military service to the evils that the Adolf Hitler of Africa, Buhari, has cooked for us the Biafrans. I want you to understand that by selecting you in this mission, they are asking you to go and kill your own flesh and blood – they are asking you to throw your life in the mud and protect the oil wells for them to milk and grow even fatter while your own people – the owners of the oil, die of starvation and conspiratorial negligence. And what is worse is … they want your people dead, and they want them dead in your own hands.

How would you feel killing your own kinsmen? The guilt will remain in your heart the rest of your days. Do you now understand properly the plot of Hausa men? They think you a fool and that’s why they are sending you to go and kill your own brothers and guard the oil wells for them. Please check the top owners of the oil wells in our land and you will be shocked to see that they are all Hausa/Fulani people and their Yoruba counterparts. Reflect on this a moment and you will realize why a prominent Jigawa State politician was bold enough to say that the oil in Bayelsa belongs to Jigawa sate.

Indeed we are glad that some of you are waking up to reality, and that was clearly demonstrated in the ugly drama that played itself out in 82 Division about a couple of months ago. The Biafran brother that was shot dead by an Hausa commander realized the evil schemes against you Biafrans in Nigerian military service and asked the commander why is it only Biafrans that were selected for the evil mission in Niger/Delta part of Biafra land, and the Satanic Hausa commander shot him dead. Nevertheless, Biafrans are never cowed, and so one of you were brave enough to pay back immediately. That’s the Biafran spirit – watch your brother’s back. And you must keep up that spirit, even now that they are about deploying some of you to Biafra land to kill your own kinsmen.

My brothers, if you are deployed to combat the Niger/Delta Avengers, do exactly the opposite, for your true enemy is those that sent you and not the Avengers who are fighting a just cause. You must not forget how they sent your brothers to go and fight Boko Haram and then turn around to leak information to Boko Haram members, who then ambushed them and have them killed like fowls. Even the incumbent president of the "Zoo" called Nigeria showed solidarity with the Boko Haram terrorists when he said “an attack on Boko Haram is an attack against the North”. He went further to describe them as “his brothers” who are to be negotiated with. But now he is sending you to kill your own kind and destroy Biafra land. Please my brothers, read meaning into the "pedophile’s" words, and protect your own kind. See the attack on the Niger-Delta Avengers as an attack against Biafra, and then frustrate every plan of the Nigerian squad by leaking information back to the Avengers. The Hausas did it against you and your fellow brothers were slaughter like rams in Ramadan feast. It’s a payback time. Do same to their soldiers.

Assess your position in the military, reflect on how you are treated, recall how those you are twice braver than are being promoted ahead of you, and then you will realize how they take you. They don’t love you and they will never love you regardless of what you do. They will use you to achieve their inordinate ambition, and then dump you when something good comes up. Realize therefore that joining them to fight your own brothers is self-destructive, as you would be keeping the country one and in their thrust. And since they sit astride the enclave, you would have ended up enslaving your children forever and ever. The future generations will suffer even greater evil in their hands than we do today.

You must not fail to understand that this is our last chance to exit this Egypt called Nigeria, and free ourselves from continuous assaults. This is our last chance to save the generation unborn from eternal slavery and redeem them from the hands of the infidels that seek our utter destruction. This is our last chance to ensure that our mothers don’t get raped again in the farms and our fathers don’t get slaughtered in the cornfields. This is our last chance for total freedom. We must all join hands together and make it a reality. Help stop the oil flow to North.

Long live the good people of Biafra.

Authored by Nelson Ofokar Yagaziie
Edited & Published by Chinwe Korie.


  1. Wonderful article.An eye opener indeed! May God continually replenish you with more wisdom as u set out to conscientise our people of the evil enclave called Nigeria. Thanks my brother.

  2. Thanks a lot brother for that message to our brothers and sisters in the Islamic Nigerian army.. Biafrans are wise and intelligent people and no doubt the massage is understood.. Lets keep on following all their moves.. We are watching and waiting.

  3. A wonderful eye opener for our brothers and sisters in the zoo army/police, please don't join them and kill your own people because buhari don't wish you well.



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