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Saturday 28 May 2016



According to Bob Nesta Marley, you can fool some people sometimes but you can not fool everybody all the time. The United States of America has always made the world believe that it stands for peace and justice to the extent that most people of the world especially the developing countries put so much trust in them on the issue of global peace.

The question in hand now is whether this assumption is a truism or a myth. Before we go to answer this question, I want us to look at the Arab spring of Lybia and the role played by the US and also look at the Crisis in the Central African Republic and the role played by the US as well, personally I took time to analyse the crisis in the two countries and was convinced that the US only preach peace to the extent that it favours them. The US does not bother in situations where they will gain nothing. That is the reason the US did not waste any time to obtain UN resolutions that were used to oust Muoma Gaddafi of Lybia because of its interest in Lybia while the people Of Central African Republic were allowed to kill themselves with nobody coming to help because the US has nothing to gain in the Central African Republic.

The US was part of the killer squad that committed the Biafra genocide of 1967 to 1970, their reason massacring over 3.5M Biafrans was to ensure that they protected American interest in the oil of the South East people so that Chevron and other American oil companies will retain their share of the Biafra oil, the US had to massacre over 3.5M Biafrans in collaboration with the British government. All that mattered to them was their trade and not the lives of Biafrans.

Today that same evil drum is beating again and America is doing nothing to stop the looming genocide in Biafra land. The US believe that it is only in Nigeria that their interest in trade is guaranteed probably because of their past involvement in the Biafran war, the believe that the Biafrans will not give them the opportunity to do business but these are wrong assumptions because to Biafrans all that matters is freedom and nothing else
Whether America likes it or not Biafra must come but if may suggest I will advise that the US consider this an opportunity to launder it's bad image and try to fix the already battered relationship with the Biafrans.

The Biafrans understand the whole conspiracy against them, all the remote efforts by the American government to supply arms to Buhari to use against Biafrans are known and never hidden. The US is pretending to be helping Nigeria fight insurgency with the implicit arrangements to supply arms to Buhari against the Biafrans is apparently contradictory after all the Federal government had earlier stated that Boko Haram is already defeated so why is the US still giving arms to Buhari? Why is the US pledging to help Buhari fight the Niger Delta Avengers? Are the Avengers terrorists? The Niger Delta militants are not terrorists, they are simply saying no to injustice by the Government,  they are only asking the Government to hands-off and leave their resources alone since it cannot take care of their welfare. The statement accredited to the US embassy in Nigeria pledging to help Buhari fight the Niger Delta Avengers clearly shows that the US is simply supporting injustice and criminality.

Therefore,  it is important to let the US know that they can only retain investment and trade interest in Biafra land by standing up now to the truth by supporting the Biafra restoration and immediately seize to give military assistance to the evil government of Buhari because whether the US likes it or not Biafra must come. They should not forget the world of Kwame Nkrumah and I quote "when the conscienceless power meets the powerless conscience, the former will laugh first and the later will laugh last he who laughs last laughs the best"

By Chukwuka Fidelis
Published by Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers.

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