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Sunday 10 April 2016


The DSS and their master Muhammadu Buhari, have once again come up with a fresh game plan against the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), by accusing falsely and in order to indict Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, and also the director of radio Biafra and Baiafra TV, in his upcoming case against the Nigerian government at the court of appeal.

This plan to tag IPOB a terror group has been on Muhammadu Buhari’s radar for sometime now since his inception into power. Right from the very first day Nnamdi kanu was illegally arrested, he has effortlessly sought every means to bring him down by trying to convict him unjustly through his puppet-John Tsoho.
All his plans amounted to effort in futility, as the Indigenous People Of Biafra continued to show the world that they are civilised when it comes to freedom fighting in ways unseen/unknown to mankind before now.
Buhari despite everything could not achieve his aim, as IPOB has never hesitated to use the power of media to her advantage. With media, it became obvious to the world that the indigenous people of Biafra have transparently remained peaceful in their pursuance of right to self-determination as obtained in the UN charter of 2007. With media, the world has come to know that there was once a country called Biafra.

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Even as IPOB bury hundreds of their brutally murdered brothers and sisters by Nigeria Army, Navy, police, Fulani herdsmen and boko haram, they still remained peaceful.
Yesterday, April 9, 2016, the blood thirsty cum religious bigot, president Muhammadu Buhari and his errand boys the DSS, has finally activated the long hatched plan of tagging IPOB with terrorism, simply because Nnamdi Kanu has decimated and disgraced them, both in and out of the court of law. Left with no other option, they have resorted to doing what they know best; which is lying with impunity.

With reference to the fabricated news published in the Nigerian media on April 9, 2016, that “the DSS has uncovered the heinous role played by members of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), in the abduction/kidnap of five Hausa-Fulani residents, namely Mohammed GAINAKO, Ibrahim MOHAMMED, Idris YAKUBU, and Isa Mohammed RAGO at Isuikwuato LGA in Abia State”. I will not hesitate to state here that there is an urgent need to shut down the DSS, because their actions and inactions has shown that even an illiterate can do better.
This move of theirs could best be described as "the cry of a helpless drowning child".


It will be fool-hardy for these disgruntled elements to think that the Indigenous people of Biafra can be reduced to a group of murderers. We can never be induced into killing rag-tagged Fulani Herdsmen, when we know who our real enemies are. It is imperative that i categorically state here, that a million lives of Hausa-Fulani herdsmen worth nothing to the life of one Biafran. In otherwords, taking away their lives does not add anything to our noble cause, hence we cannot stoop so low to killing people who mean absolutely nothing to us.

Biafra is a nation; IPOB is indeed recognized by the United Nation as the Indigenous people Of Biafra seeking to be disentangled from the unholy union with Nigeria, which has done nothing but cause both our ancestors and present generation great pain.
We are the ones who have been killed, brutalized, marginalised and unjustly incarcerated. The world must understand that Nigeria under the Muhammadu Buhari-led government will never hesitate to do everything possible within its power to forcefully keep Biafrans in this shambolic marriage, even if it means going on a smear campaign against Biafrans through DSS.

The indigenous people of Biafra under Nnamdi Kanu, have always openly shown the world that they are civilized by remaining peaceful in their protest till date. If IPOB decides to thread the path of violence, the world will definitely feel the impact, because we have nothing to hide as freedom fighting within the tenet of the UN is legit. Accusing IPOB of killing five Hausa/Fulani herdsmen and burying them somewhere in a forest sounds like the "modus operandi" of the Nigerian Army and not that of the children of the most high God (Chukwuokike Abhiama).


For goodness sake, we are not playing hide and seek here, we have come to restore Biafra and no amount of intimidation and blackmail will stop us.
Come to think of it, Biafrans are being secretly and openly massacred in Biafra land by the Nigerian military every blessed day, hundreds of Biafrans are illegally detained by Nigerian government and over a hundred are still missing.

Over 500 people were massacred in agatu, Benue state and properties worth hundreds of millions were destroyed. Has DSS come out in the media to make a statement, much more arresting the culprits? Your guess is as good as mine.
On the 9th of Feb 2016, more than fifty two (52) Indigenous people of Biafra were shot dead at the National High School Aba, in Abia state.  Biafrans were again murdered in Ogoni land and properties worth nillions were destroyed, did DSS or even Buhari condemn the act? Neither DSS nor Muhammadu Buhari issued a statement on the genocide committed by his kinsmen, the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen in agatu, Enugu and other parts of Biafra land. with all this unanswered questions, i am obliged to ask "where is the fairness in the commonly used slogan ONE NIGERIA"? We are only One when it comes to draining Biafrans dry of their resources ( Crude oil).

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The world must be made aware that Buhari is only trying to divert the world's  attention on him. He has realised that his journey to ICC Hague is imminent and practically unavoidable, hence his last minute effort to tag IPOB terrorists. How can a whole people be tagged terrorists, when we are not a group or an organisation like Boko Haram? If IPOB are terrorists, then every Biafrans both home and abroad would have been jailed. This is nothing but Buhari's gimmick, because He has seen how much the world frowns at terrorism, and seeing that Nnamdi Kanu is devoid of any guilt, his only option and last life-line would be to play the TERROR PROPAPAGANDA card, but the world, especially Biafrans are not as gullible as himself.

 the indigenous people of Biafra are saying that no amount of fabricated lies, will quell our passion to restore our inheritance (Biafra). They cannot succeed in shifting the world's focus on Buhari and then execute Nnamdi Kanu, Never!
It is important to note that should anything happen to Nnamdi Kanu, Biafrans will pull of their garment of peace and replace it with that of irrevocable war.

We are placing the world on notice that the DSS and their master General Muhammadu Buhari is another brand of evil the world has ever seen or heard of, that which must be overcomed by all means.
These evil men must understand that when they cook up lies in order to convict Nnamdi Kanu, they are equally convicting all Biafrans and that will not augur well with this contraption called Nigeria. We are calling on the Human right international, Amnesty international, UN, EU and USA to be on the watch, for calamity looms.

Written By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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  1. You have said all. The world is watching and we are also watching. Dss with Buhari is agent of destroyed. The fact that the world leaders are corrupt. If that they are not corrupt why Buhari will still acting all this mess and no one question ? Tomorrow they will tell you that UN or what. Who and who is United ? Biafra. I have said it all the times that the best of all this fulk is war. This is why i like Kim Jong-un


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