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Friday 8 April 2016


Nigeria cannot be fancifully projected nor discussed because it is an utter evil. A government which secretly abducts, detains, murders, and deposit the corpses of its citizens in pits, shallow graves and mortuaries is worst than a terrorist organization.

How can Nigeria claim to be one Nation when its administration is always eager to explore all possible means to annihilate a section of the country, it distastes their outspokenness, industriousness and their demand for an inalienable right to freedom and self-determination.

The Buhari-led administration is as hideous as the slave masters who branded their slaves with hot irons and locked their mouths with padlocks. Nigeria is ripe and large enough to be split into many parts. There is the need to consider the viability of posterity. After a century, it has become a dried gigantic tree without branches and its roots weaken continuously due to corruption, its death and destruction is Imminent.

Buhari is so obstinate and he is spitefully spilling the blood of Biafrans without an iota of remorse. Self-determination is our undeniable right. Nigeria has expired and is very unfavourable for our peaceful and continued coexistence. There is no iota of affection between the north, the west and Biafrans. Biafran youths are waylaid, kidnapped, illegally arrested and incarcerated, detained under harsh conditions and killed indiscriminately.

Biafra land has become flooded with uniformed terrorists in the guise of security agents who practically are unable to combat boko haram, but are always quick to slaughter unarmed peaceful Biafrans – men, women and children, demanding for their right to freedom.

The killings have become so rampant. They killed peaceful protesters at the Onitsha bridge, massacred jubilating protesters as they rejoiced and sang, they massacred over forty peaceful protesters praying at a National high school in Aba, they secretly abducted many, whose bodies were discovered in borrow pits, hidden shallow graves and morgues, in addition to numerous other cases of gruesome extra-judicial killings.

It is obviously getting out of hand as people continue to disappear, only to reappear as corpses in queer conditions. A country characterized by absurdities must be disintegrated, Nigeria should be disintegrated into its various original component units. It is unproductive, has become old and worn and her embers have lost the glow of unification. Its lack of purpose has become obvious beyond doubt and hence calls for a redirection.
Buhari must be called to order, Burutai must face the music because the blood of the slain are crying out loudly and Nigeria has become cursed beyond redemption.

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Our youths cannot say they have benefitted from the Nigerian system, yet, they are cut down in cold blood on daily basis. Could that be called a country? A place where people are killed for asking for their inalienable right is literally hell, it’s modern day slavery and an advanced form of state sanctioned terrorism.

It is disheartening, the complicit silence from all quarters. World leaders have been misled enough, hence, they must be made aware before a whole nation is systematically wiped off the face of the earth. Nothing good will come out of Nigeria. Anyone within who loves and values life and who requires a better future for the sake of posterity, should call a spade a spade, join hands to salvage the situation and anyone outside the shores of Nigeria and who genuinely cares deeply about the plight of Africa, should support the Biafra restoration quest. This is the time to return to your roots, O BIAFRA!

By Victoria. O.C.Agangan
Edited by KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta 
Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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