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Monday 11 April 2016


I have lived in Nigeria, and I have been a witness as well as a victim of many human right violations. In Nigeria, everything is about coercion and I've made my convictions thus, Nigeria is a depiction of failure and anyone canvassing for it’s continued existence is only making life a lot more miserable for its citizens.I rather not belong to a country where youths helplessly patrol the streets, hawking bananas and biscuits because they’re unable to afford education, while those in power have their children studying in the moon and stars.

Nigeria is a country where employment and appointments are by nepotism. In terms of lives and properties, Nigerians are completely unsafe and lives are vulnerable.Nigeria is a terror-ridden state, a completely state-sponsoredterrorism against Biafrans while Boko Haram terrorists are handled with kid’s gloves. Hausa/Fulani herdsmen who invade, slaughter, displace residents, are given liberties, while innocent and peaceful Biafrans are illegally incarcerated, denied bail and killed by the Fulani-dominated armed forces.

Justice and equity is deficient in Nigeria. On daily basis, the armed forces watch people being burnt on the streets by these savagery Fulani herdsmen without apprehension, instead they pay more attention to escorting and guarding politicians who embezzle and squander public funds.The abuses encountered in Nigeria are enormous; students are being humiliated and harassed by lecturers who also extort tremendously from them.

Male lecturers threaten female students with failure in exams, if they fail to appease them with sex. As what can Nigeria be referred to, considering all these catastrophic and atrocious acts, other than a zoo where rules does not apply?
Biafrans live in pain, suffering and agony and yet politicians continually want to occupy positions, when all they want is to satisfy their selfish interests. Biafrans live in anguish and subjugation but armed forces continually use excessive brutality on them, when they peacefully demand for their right to freedom and self-determination.

What evil can Nigeria be compared with? They have vowed to annihilate Biafrans from the face of the earth because Biafrans have awaken from slumber and ignorance and have made their voices heard against the corrupt and vile contraption - Nigeria. Though the world may be silent over our tribulations, we shall continue to press on until we achieve our freedom - Biafra.

Written By Amalahueze Eminence Akaeze
Edited by KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta
Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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