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Friday 22 April 2016


A child who throws a broom into the bush and goes to sleep, will surely come back for it when the day breaks. One thing to note is that whatever goes around must come around. That is nature. It is rather disappointing that a judge, whose priority should be, the protection of human rights, would debase himself and his integrity for the sake of material wealth and pleasure. It is obvious that the essence of the illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu - the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, is to hinder him from expressing his legal rights and therefore to deter the restoration of Biafra.

Justice John Tsoho, is also aware of the fact that there is no criminal evidence against Nnamdi Kanu by the Nigerian Government, but he mindfully overlooked this fact and plunged himself into perjury. From the inception, all other judges have confirmed Kanu’s innocence and have also withdrawn from the case because they foresaw that, being obsequious to Buhari’s hidden agenda to jail an innocent man would further compromise their integrity and that of the judiciary and will certainly spell doom for Nigeria, as it would open up avenues for further breakdown of law and order.

Tsoho has refused to learn a valuable lesson and has failed to uphold justice by refusing to be Buhari’s stooge and a tool for the total murder of justice.
Whoever does the vicious works of the devil must be rewarded devilishly by the devil. The devil can only use and dump his tool, which would certainly face the consequences of the viciousness.

John Tsoho might pretend not to be aware of the implications of his savagery and unscrupulous judgements until the eggs he is laying hatches. Muhammadu Buhari, John Tsoho and his other agents of destruction, must seriously be cautioned to put an end to their persistent recklessness and to do the needful as required in a civilized era. We are reminding you John Tsoho to back off from this case, or be prepared to reap the evil that it would produce as a result of your avaricious nature.

By Amalahueze Eminence Akaeze
Edited by KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta 
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

1 comment

  1. "It is as a sport for a fool to do mischief", the bible book of proverbs says. This aptly fits the actions of the man called John Tsoho in his mandate to condemn Nnamdi Kanu.
    But I wish to purse a bit and reject the manner in which Biafra Herald seems to be glorifying a beast like Buhari by calling him Hitler. Hitler was a real noble soldier who derailed by desiring to make his race supreme above the world. He got into drugs, got parkinson decease, and later committed suicide. This man Buhari is rather an Almajiri who got into the army via the usual Hausa/Fulani agenda of “give us our quota and let us fill it with our mediocrity”, followed by “ you can climb up with your qualifications and excellence, but we must get to the top and be equal with you even as goats”. So, do not glorify this beast by calling him Hitler. You make him and his people glad.
    Let us look at the true situation when anyone goes out to testify in court - in this case.
    1. There are enough security men to protect the witness against being pounced on whilst testifying. Hence there is no question of danger whilst in court; and for the same reason, there is no need to shield this person either by putting a mask on him or keeping him in a “Catholic Church confession booth” – unless of course he is saying that he’s about to commit a sin in court.
    2. If witnesses are kept in a cubicle, these witnesses will still be seen by the lawyers of those against whom they will testify and of course by the press – no matter how limited.
    3. They will surely give their names, business, and places of work.
    1. Is Tsoho trying to make it a secret trial?
    If Tsoho feels that the lives of the witnesses are in danger if they testify in the normal and lawful manner, how safe will they be behind glasses and yet seen by even one man. But here they will be seen by the lawyers and the press. And moreover, they will be one oath and their names will be mentioned on oath. Here now Tsohos stupidity becomes more glaring. Is he going to hide the names of the witnesses, the religions, the places of work or business etc. during the oath taking and cross examinations? Who, on earth is hidden after mentioning his name, place of work, and place of origin? I think Tsoho is looking forward to doing something else or he is a worse bastard than I think. It is clear by the foregoing questions that Tsoho wants to make this a secret trial little by little.
    2. What is there in the shielded environment for Tsoho and his cohorts?
    If the witnesses are put in glazed cubicles, will they not be seen by the lawyers, defendants, and the press? Will they not, on oath, give their names and identify themselves? On cross examination, will they not reveal about their work and place of origin. So what safety then is there in the cubicles? It is a shame to see how stupid Tsoho is making himself look by following a desire to carry out mischief for a bloke. I do not think that anyone will be witnessing behind the glasses. Tsoho is planning to play taped and cloned voices from hell whilst keeping another curse man like his boss with some idiots that call themselves DSS behind the glasses. They want to try what Abacha did to Oladipo Diya. The fact is that Tsoho and his fellow criminals have nothing: nothing in court, no witnesses, no facts, no charges. They’ve got NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL.


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