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Thursday 14 April 2016


It has come to the notice of IPOB that Buhari and his Gestapo-DSS have stepped-up plans to assassinate the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in prison through poisoning, following their illicit invasion of his prison room yesterday.
It would be recalled that this is not the first time the DSS have attempted to kill Kanu.
It is very unfortunate that Buhari through the DSS had continued to perpetrate all these crimes and injustices against humanity because the whole world choose to maintain silence and will rather not want to speak out against evil.

The Nigerian government through her special militia squad; the DSS have tried many times to carry out this evil plan against Kanu. First was their plan to disguise like IPOB members then attack the van conveying Kanu  to court and then shot at him in pretence of rescuing him from the fake members, and this was uncovered. Secondly, they initiated another plan of coming to court and engage in an acrimonious argument with Kanu's supporter's in which will result to a kind of heavy shooting which would culminate to his death by a deliberate stray bullet hitting him. God been so kind, that was also revealed to the world.

Thirdly, the Nigerian government in collaboration with the DSS decided to relocate a Boko Haram kingpin to the prison room of Kanu in Kuje prison, where the terrorist will attack and kill him in a physical combat. Finally after many futile efforts and plots to eliminate Kanu was exposed, they resorted to forcefully invading into his prison room without prior notification from the prison authorities/officials after their failed attempt of using their biased and compromised media as a tool in silencing every effort by IPOB to release their leader by tagging them "terrorists".


This is to inform the world now that the life of Mr Nnamdi Kanu who is currently been detained at Kuje Prison Service in Abuja, is no longer guaranteed as the Nigerian government through her hydra-headed monsters; Buhari and the DSS are fighting tooth and nail to see that their evil mission of eliminating him is achieved. It is also on record that a Federal High Court in Abuja had earlier granted Mazi Kanu bail which the DSS flagrantly disobeyed, and even at that, IPOB have continued to be peaceful and patient with Nigeria, hoping that justice will prevail over evil and injustices meted out on them.

Interestingly, Kanu is been vindicated following these ill-conceived actions of Buhari and his footsoldiers.
This is also the reason why he always identify Nigeria as a "Zoo" where the rule of law is not subverted and trampled upon, the fundamental human rights is being violated and freedom of speech is forbidden.
The Indigenous People of Biafra is using this medium to notify the whole world about how Biafrans are being marginalized in the forcefully amalgamated contraption, Nigeria. We as part of the Indigenous People has realized our origin and can no longer continue to endure crimes against humanity being perpetrated in our land every single day.

This time, they have planned to poison Nnamdi Kanu in prison, if that happens, which I pray it does not, President Buhari and the DSS will have themselves to blame if any act of violence ensues as a result.
The young generation of Biafrans today have their destinies in their hands and they will do
anything to make sure that the Biafran flag is raised up. They are not afraid neither can they be intimidated or cowed into abandoning the struggle
If Nigerians truly loves they country as they claim, then they are obligated to tackle anything that will stoke threat of violence to their country.

Trying to assassinate Kanu in prison is a threat to Nigeria, killing of nonviolent protesters and the illegal detention of Pro-Biafra agitators is a huge threat to Nigeria. Nigerians who claim to love their country should urgently prevent this from happening by calling the President and DSS to order. Biafra restoration is a divine mandate and no human born of a woman can stop or prevent that from actualization.

Written By Jephta Onyedikachi
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue U.
Artist: Princess Nwanky
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers.

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