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Tuesday 5 April 2016


The secret killings and kidnappings of Biafran youths by Willie Obiano and the Nigerian Security operatives in Anambra state is no longer news, as Biafrans are now aware of Obiano’s desperation to execute the script handed over to him by Buhari in order to return him as the governor of Anambra state, come 2019. Willie Obiano allowed himself to be a willing tool against his own people just for the sake of political position. Under his watch, hundreds of Biafran youths are going missing in Anambra and he feels relaxed, thinking he will fly off the radar of posterity.

 It is disgusting to see Obiano’s mental blankness on how people before him were used by Hausa/Fulani against Biafrans, and the ill-fate that eventually befell those who were used. I wish to remind Obiano of the perils of his predecessors who played the sabotaging role he is currently playing. But before that, Willie Obiano should understand that his actions against Biafrans today are indeed a big stab on Ojukwu, through whose influence he got to his current position.


Obiano should remember that when one kicks off the ladder with which one got to a height, then one stands to suffer when one needs to descend the height. Willie Obiano has indeed stabbed and spat on Ojukwu and Biafrans for which like others, he will be judged. The past is rich with the likes of Obiano who will prefer to annihilate his people for the sake of peanuts. Important to note, is that none of these savages had a safe landing just as these present ones will never have.

Isaac Adaka Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa, Ifeajuna, Achike Udenwa and many others played the role Obiano is currently playing. If you cannot access others, you can access Achike Udenwa who was instrumental to Obasanjo’s gruesome slaughter of Biafrans. Where is he today? His fortunes has never improved as he has been dumped and rendered useless by those who used him. In the same vein, Obiano should realise that his turn awaits him. Like the proverbial bat, time shall come, when he and his cohorts will neither belong here nor there.

Obiano should eschew his pride now and account for the souls of hundreds of Biafran youths under his kidnapping den and cemetery before it becomes too late for him. He must accord those whose life he snuffed out, a befitting burial, while others alive should be set free. He should not think the enemy will treat him better than those before him, nor make him safe from the tools they used. Biafra restoration is at a point of no-return as no amount of threat will back us down.

Written By Okoro Austine
Edited By KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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