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Sunday 24 April 2016


The only thing that is not a lie in this present administration is the promise of change and Buhari's statement that "I belong to everyone and belong to no one." Definitely, he is a president to everybody but no one is his buddy. He has the intention of running the country as a sole administrator regardless of what people think, say or feel. In this instance, I can say the well-proclaimed change is surely real.

Another visible change is the introduction of a hidden agenda that was not part of the campaign promises. It is the total and final Islamization of Nigeria and thus far, it has taken various shapes and forms. Foremost was the hosting of the Organisation of Islamic Community Conference in Abuja by the terrorist himself; Buhari in February 2016. The other was the inclusion and affirmation of Nigeria as a member of the Islamic coalition. All the countries that constitute the coalition are already Islamic declared countries. Leading me to ask: can two walk together except they agree?


A glaring display of wickedness presently being meted on Biafrans is the deprivation of their rights of speech and assembly. Making matter worse, Biafrans are being daily abducted, incarcerated, and murdered at will. Meanwhile, Nnamdi Kanu forewarned Biafrans years ago that the Fulani herdsmen invading our lands are the ''frontier forces'' of the Fulani oligarchy whose main aim is the absolute grabbing of Biafraland and Islamization of Biafrans. He was accused of preaching hate but presently, we are all witnesses to the fulfilment of these prophecies.  The well-publicised land grabbing bill ''grazing reserve bill'' which is about to become a law is a testament to Nnamdi Kanu innocence. He said it will happen, and here it is.

The much-acclaimed change of Buhari's administration has ushered in much more hardship and pain to not only the Biafrans but to everyone in Nigeria than they expected. All the promises that the lying government made: payment of N5,000.00/month to unemployed youths, feeding of school pupils a meal/day, equality of one naira to one dollar, the sale of petrol at forty-five naira/litre, fight corruption etc has gone with the winds. Instead of fulfilling these, this brutal government digressed and descended on peaceful Biafrans by randomly massacring us at will.


The handwriting on the wall should by now be clearer to Biafrans that what Nnamdi Kanu was accused of are what is gradually and systematically happening. The time is now to emancipate ourselves from the looming doom. It is no more news that the collapse of the British forceful union called Nigeria is imminent. Therefore, it is pertinent that we should not be caught unawares. We cannot continue to undergo torture, neglect, hatred, massacre and extinction before we liberate ourselves.

Bearing all these in mind, I implore all Biafrans to listen to the voice of our worldwide leader; Nnamdi Kanu. This very pathological lying administration is so desperate to silence the voice that speaks for the entire people of Biafra. Now that the dice is cast and the rubicon crossed, are you ready to liberate yourself from the claws of a lying government? Then kindly join the movement and let us jointly free our lands from the dreaded Hausa/Fulani herdsmen that are battle ready to forcefully take our lands and displace us. Now is the time to pick up your mantle, join in the struggle and be counted among the brave to restore the sovereign state of Biafra!

Written by: Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Edited by: Obioma Ebere
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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