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Sunday 10 April 2016


Over the years, the Fulani nomads and their herds have turned people's farmland into a pasture where these herds and the herdsmen alike find satisfactions from farmers crops. Food crops that are the source of livelihood and survival for these poor people have been appetizers to these hungry nomads and their herds. Not only have these poor farmers been affected, these wicked and deadly herdsmen are not stopping at only the destruction of people's farmland, they have been kidnapping, raping, pillaging and killing peaceful people that protest these nefarious behaviors. With all these ongoing, never for once have these deadly set of killers ever been confronted, questioned, and or prosecuted.

Is it not unfathomable why all these destructions are ongoing, the government intentionally ignored the suffering populace that are recipients of these dastardly acts? Boko Haram insurgency kills and destroys at freewill, still the government and  the Nigerian president supports these dreaded sects when Muhammad Buhari publicly said that '' attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North.'' Up till date, none has questioned the rationale behind such statement. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of unlawful abducted, detained and tortured worldwide leader; Nnamdi Kanu has never engaged in any violent activity despite being forced and tempted to.


 The government through the DSS has waited since their abduction of Nnamdi Kanu in October 2015 to see if the IPOB will go violent even with many of the illegal incarcerations, maimings, raping, and killings of peaceful Biafrans. Without success, the DSS has now therefore turned to using unfounded allegations and lies with the sole aim of maligning the peaceful IPOB. Nnamdi Kanu's unlawful abduction could have been a reason to be violent but the IPOB thus far still choose to walk on the peaceful path.

DSS were the ones that kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu, they were the ones that tortured Nnamdi Kanu in custody, they were the ones that flouted court orders to release Nnamdi Kanu, they were still the ones that prevented the public from gaining access into the court room, which could be ascribed to as the initiation of secret trial as previously overruled by the same court of law under the precision of John Tsoho. According to BIAFRA WRITERS crew who were present at the last court session, a DSS agent was seen violently shoving journalists and the attendees out of court room. When asked why, the DSS agent boastfully said that "We do not take orders from a judge". With this statement, one could deduce that Muhammadu Buhari is the unseen hand controlling the DSS.

It is evident that the Nigerian government through her agent of lies and deceits; the DSS is about to loose another case in the court as they have been losing. The continuous detention of Nnamdi Kanu is unjustifiable as proven by the two previous judges that acquitted him of all allegations leveled against him. Even though all these latest allegations are aimed at influencing the judges in the upcoming appeal hearing, Biafrans dare the DSS to prove these allegations.

The Nigerian government through the DSS are responsible for the killings of Biafrans both in Biafraland and elsewhere. The IPOB never killed anyone in retaliation even when we have been forced to retaliate whereas the DSS and its foot soldiers; the Fulani nomads and Boko Haram destroy, maim and kill at will. The Biafrans value the beauty of life and abhors killing of people.


Just as the IPOB voiced their disappointments and disagreements on the biased and fraudulent judge John Tsoho, so will these present allegations and lies be met with adequate rejection by the IPOB. I quite believe that Buhari and his cohorts are well aware that Hague is a place for their ilks. Therefore, must they be aware that Hague's prison cells are still vacant and there will they soon become occupants. Our concerns have always been the judge handling the case between Nnamdi Kanu and the Nigerian government. John Tsoho has shown he does not respect the law and therefore, will not act according to the law.

While the Fulani herdsmen walk freely after their destructions and killings, the DSS has never deemed it fit to publicly confim the nomads a TERRORIST group. BOKO HARAM's sympathizer was never apprehended nor questioned for supporting the dreaded sects. Is this not appalling to name a peaceful IPOB that never destroyed, maimed nor killed a terror group?

It is important to put it straight to Buhari and his DSS that there is no amount of allegations and deceits that will deter the IPOB in speaking and standing always at the side of truth. It is obvious that the DSS is seriously ready to tarnish the image of the IPOB with this latest line of action. Regardless, the IPOB will always and continue to disprove them with irrefutable facts. We will never stop exercising our rights according to the United Nations declarations on the rights of indigenous people.

Written by: Jephtha Onyedikachi
Edited by: Obioma Ebere
Published By: Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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