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Tuesday 12 April 2016



There are the fresh facts that have emerged regarding the plot by Buhari, DSS, and APC to frame Nnamdi Kanu IPOB Leader as the head of a terror group. Its is obvious to the zoo [nigeria] government that they are about to lose their case at the appeal court, hence, the mad rush to frame up IPOB a terror group. 

A glance at the court papers filed by both sides in this dispute has revealed that there is no iota of evidence against which the court of appeal can refuse Kanu bail. So there is a need to make up one. So the Federal Government of Nigeria through their killer secret police DSS decided to cook up the story that IPOB has gone violent. With this new tag, it will be easier to persuade the judges to look for a nonexistent legal clause to sanction the continued illegal detention of Nnamdi Kanu.

Its is laughable that of all the killings going on in Biafra land, the unsubstantiated death of 5 Fulani killer herdsmen is the only one that makes sense to the Nigeria DSS to investigate and over a thousand deaths, extrajudicial murders of IPOB members across Biafra land have gone unnoticed by the Nigeria DSS. Now seeing they have no case against IPOB since the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, they have to frame up these allegations.

The person they have chosen to spearhead this rented mob approach is a Kogi born Yoruba man by the name Samson Babalola who appeared on DSS sponsored press interview to shed crocodile tears about having previously supported Biafra agitation but now has changed his mind because of the purported Fulani killings in Abia allegedly committed by IPOB Family members. Babalola found it easy to shed tears for 5 Fulani herdsmen killed but never see anything wrong with the killing of over 22 IPOB members massacred at National High school Aba in February, at a prayer ground. 

Mr. Babalola didn't have tears to shed for the bodies of 13 IPOB members whose hands were tied behind their backs with torn pieces of Biafra flag and shot dead after which they were lacerated with acid chemicals and left at a dumping ground at ABA. The whole world is now in turmoil for the sake of a concocted story of 5 Fulani herdsmen killed in Abia state. How else can you prove a gang up against the people of Biafra? This Mr. Babalola and his group Conference of Ethnic Minorities also threatened to drag IPOB leadership to ICC in the Hague. Very laughable.

On another development, further investigations by our intelligence have revealed a grand scheme from Aso Rock directed by Chibuike Amechi the ex-Governor of Rivers State and confirmed APC thug fresh from his bout of mayhem in the recent inconclusive elections in the state. Now a Transport Minister under his master Buhari has turned his brutality on IPOB and was singularly instrumental in recruiting the two boys from Rivers State who "confessed" all to Buhari's DSS. Rochas Okorocha provided the venue and the stage was set for the framing of IPOB. Unfortunately, for them, Okezie Ikpeazu the Governor of Abia State was not properly co-opted into this conspiracy until the last minute. There is always a chance for God to expose every evil plan against his people.

Sadly before Okezie Ikpeazu could be informed about the plot to destroy IPOB and jail Kanu for life, unknowingly and prematurely went on air to debunk the lies of Buhari and his mad dogs, DSS. This made Okorocha rush to Umuahia to meet Ikpeazu to get him to retract his earlier statement condemning the lies of the DSS. But that was too little too late. At the hastily arranged press briefing after their conspiratorial meeting, Okorocha said it was kidnappers who murdered the herdsmen.

Mr. Babalola and other groups in the payroll of Buhari's killer machine, the DSS, are now planning to organise an APC funded anti-IPOB rally in Abuja. They have also finalised arrangements to take a few Hausa-Fulani journalists and northern based NGO's to the supposed site of the DSS mass grave either in Imo or Abia because no one knows the exact location anymore after the meeting of Okorocha and Ikpeazu. 
Mr. Babalola should be cautioned to stop in his track now before he will take responsibility of any ethnic incitement to violence by the bigoted leadership of DSS then as well as Buhari and APC. Mr. Samson Babalola, from Kogi State, must also be held accountable as a willing accomplice should any intra-ethnic violence erupt as a result of his complicity. Be warned.

We are therefore placing the whole world on notice of these evil plans by the Buhari administration to undermine the world acclaimed most peaceful agitation for self-determination ably lead by Nnamdi Kanu. IPOB is not a violent people. We have our presence in over 88 countries of the world and in all these countries, we have never been found violent because we are NOT. We have been going about our agitation for self-determination in the most peaceful and constitutional manner, and no amount of intimidation from Nigeria state can stop or distract us from our goal until it is achieved.

Nigeria is a dead horse fit only for the abattoir. Everything going on in Nigeria shows that it is finished. A country without Electricity, Water, Road, functional School system, functional health care system, highest inflation level ever known to man, the Naira dropping from 150 to 350 Naira to one US dollar in less than 8 months, Highest producer of crude oil but imports every drop of petroleum product....big shame.

Well, Nigerians can take solace in being the first country in the world whose president runs the country from the air.....

Written by Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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