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Sunday 24 April 2016



From 1959 till date every living or dead Biafran was born without experiencing freedom. We painted the world in scientific and innovative colours, the world admires it but failed to acknowledge it. The joy of our present brightens nations across the globe yet they pretend as if the efforts is theirs. Biafrans were made to exert great moral and physical power over all things on earth as liberator and political policeman of the world. Biafrans as you read this article are the economic pillars of Britain for the past 50 years, turn swampy land of south west nigeria into green fields example LAGOS. Transformed deserts of Islamic northern Nigeria into a bustling economic cities example Federal capital Abuja. America and Americans are giving testimonies about Biafrans positive inputs in all aspect of economic and human resources development EXCEPT OBAMA WHO CHOSE TO DINE AND WINE WITH SATAN AS A MUSLIM. Europe stood aghast, pondering on how Biafrans get their talents with which to over take all black race in an unequalled positive contributions in 21st century development of Europe. Asia and Asians are presently trying to download the mistries behind Biafrans technology. Many nations in Africa have their heads of States gins linked to Biafra, Sao Tome and pricipe, Gabon and Kenya etc. MIDDLE-EAST. ON EARTH. DUE. Israel have already been naturally, culturally and politically linked to Biafrans. Google THE BIAFRANS IN 89 countries of the world the positive revelations will shock you. But why has it taken this great emerging nation of Biafra to long to emerge? In the holy book of the Bible Yeshua thought us how to overcome advasries Mathew 12:25 says, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. We Biafrans have enemies that kept tab on all we do ISLAM BACKED AND ARMED BY THE BRITISH DREADFUL AND FURIOUS HE NEEDS A STRONGER MAN TO BE OVERCOME.
CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA GOD the creator of all things and the maker of man knows that there will be a great encounter by his chosen ones the Biafrans. Our work on earth is to establish God's kingdom on earth instead we made covenants with God's enemies do to fear. The strong man heathen nations promised us everything our God promised us, we bought the deseption that is why he seems indestructible despite all our efforts from 1959-2016. Biafrans must stop relying on talking alone and move into action why, any agreement reached or made with hell is reversible and covenants with death shall be disannulled and it cannot stand. After the Biafran and Nigeria civil war the then head of state Mr.Yakubu Gowon promised RECONSTRUCTION, REHABILITATION AND REINTERGRATION R.R.R did it happen NO. The zoo called Nigeria government have turned all Biafran senators in the present regime of Adulf Hitler of Africa Mohamadu Buhari hopeless IDIOTS, LOOKING WEALTHY BUT POOR, SMART BUT VERY DULL, BUSY BUT DOING NOTHING. The life of every Biafran in the zoo called nigeria and what sustain it is actually controlled by the strong man Britain and it stooges the Islamic north and deceptive Yoruba oligachy. Every oil money stolen from Biafraland and re a located to Biafrans through senators or whatever means is an accursed things and must be brought into BIAFRANS common God's treasury as esterblished by mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the danger if anyone disobeying this command is DEATH pls, read Joshua 7:1-26.
Biafrans must deal with overbearing spirit because this is the time for the ZOO called Nigeria to pay it debt to history. As our leader mazi Nnamdi is in chain, all Biafrans are in chain, as he is being tortured, Biafrans are being tortured, as he is thirsty, all Biafrans are thirsty. If he is naked all of us Biafrans are naked. This is the truth and reality in ground

By Benjamin Kish
Editor Udeagha Obasi
UmuChiukwu Writers

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