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Monday 18 April 2016


History has a way of repeating itself; the Egyptian Pharaoh has reincarnated as Muhammad Buhari of Nigeria. He has bluntly refused to hearken to the will of the Most High, through Nnamdi Kanu and has hardened his heart not to let Biafrans go. He must be made to understand what happened to his like, many generations ago, how Pharaoh and his best warriors and chariots perished in the middle of the Red sea.

The calamities that have befallen Nigeria under Buhari is similar to the Egyptian plague; economically, politically and socially. Lack of essential needs, social ills, insecurity, extra-judicial killings and incarcerations, scarcity of resources and wailings have become the prevailing situation. The Buhari-led administration is uninterested in the sufferings and groaning of the broken citizenry who rely on daily struggles to be able to survive. Muhammadu Buhari should realize there’s a hand writing on the wall for him, "you have been found wanton.”

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Buhari should realize that he does not have a choice but to let Biafra go before a more catastrophic damage occurs which may also have a devastative effect on himself. As a nation anointed by the Almighty, a land known as the land of the rising sun, its redemption is here and the reality is that Biafra has come to stay. There will be no peace nor progress, but a persistent state of confusion in all areas of national interest.

 The more the Buhari-led administration molests and marginalizes Biafrans, the more the woes and calamities in Nigerian. Buhari has illegally put Kanu in jail with various plots to kill him but Kanu and Biafrans will eventually emerge triumphant. The APC campaigned and made numerous promises, Buhari fooled gullible Nigerians who believed in the false “Change” agenda, hoping for the best, but today have become wailing wailers in no time at all.

This is because the Nigerian end has arrived and like Sodom and Gomorrah, the day of reckoning cannot be further delayed. Buhari, has to let Biafra go, the Almighty has wished for Biafra to go. Biafrans want to go to their land, to serve the Almighty in their way and not the Islamic way. Biafrans demand for self-determination and permanent freedom from the unholy contraption called Nigeria. Buhari should understand that if he remains adamant, then the wrath of the Most High will never elude him. His foolishness, cluelessness, aimless and unproductive tours will be the channels to his destruction unless he hearkens to the will of the Almighty.

By Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Edited by KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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