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Tuesday 19 April 2016


If a pregnant woman delivers her baby safely there will be blood, If she also delivers through Cesarean section there will still be blood. This is the same with the restoration of Biafra, and what does that signify?
Recently, millions of Biafrans were demonstrating on the streets of Biafra land and in diaspora, exercising their fundamental rights to self-determination and demanding for the immediate release of their leader Nnamdi Kanu, who was illegally arrested and detained by the Department of State Security(DSS) under the tyrannical orders of the African Hitler Muhammadu Buhari.

During these series of peaceful protests by Biafrans with various inscriptions written on their placards like: "Free Nnamdi Kanu, Free Biafra...", they were intercepted by the combined team of the murderous Nigerian security forces who opened fire on them,
leaving scores of innocent and unarmed peaceful protesters dead, while some sustained various degrees of lethal gun shot wounds, some wounded Biafrans, receiving treatment at various hospitals were
abducted from their wards to an unknown destination till date.

Still on that, over 500 Biafra protesters lost their lives in the horrible attack at National High School Aba, Rivers state and Onitsha, not to mention those found dead at a burrow pit with their hands tied behind their back at Aba, Abia state, coupled with the killing and raping of Biafran women at their farms, ravaging their lands and destruction of their crops by the deadly Hausa-Fulani herdsmen.

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Many Biafrans were arrested and languishing in detention, including an underage girl of 15 years in Rivers state, for committing no offence other than peacefully asking for the independence of their nation, Biafra and the release of Nnamdi Kanu.
The blood of Biafrans have been flowing in Biafra land on every peaceful protest embarked upon by them. They have continued to face extermination from the hands of the Nigerian security forces even when they are not at war with them.

I could recollect vividly the words of Nnamdi Kanu when he said thus: "they will kill us, we will kill them but at the end, Biafra will come", is the meaning of the assertion that "Biafra restoration is like a pregnant woman due to deliver", either through normal way of delivery or Cesarean section, there must be blood.
In the words of Kanu, Biafra's independence will not be given on a platter of gold, it must be fought for or be taken by force because it is worth fighting for.

His detention is one of such sacrifices to pay for Biafra to emerge as a separate entity, many Biafrans in detention are paying the debt. The same with our fallen heroes and heroines massacred in cold blood by the combined forces of the Nigerian security operatives on the streets during demonstration, including our defenceless fathers, mothers and children killed during the Biafran genocidal war in 1967-1970, all paid the ultimate prize for Biafra restoration.

Then tell me why we cannot get Biafra? Biafra was in existence before the emergence of the contraption called Nigeria, but because of Britain's selfish interests, we were forcefully amalgamated with Nigeria which expired on January 2015.
Biafra is sacrosanct, hence must gain her freedom.
A lot has been sacrificed, our people imprisoned, brutalised, maimed, blood has been spilled, so we must triumph, we must regain our freedom.

Biafra though may seem like a mirage, but it is real and ofcourse must be restored.
Hitler Buhari should take note, quit this evil game with your DSS thugs against Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra, because you will never succeed. Evil can never prevail over good. We represent light, and as such can never be overpowered by darkness which thou represent.
Nnamdi Kanu must be free!! Biafra must be restored!!!

Written By Anyikwa Kelechi Cynthia.
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

1 comment

  1. I'm deeply touched by this write-up. Top-notched! Keep it up! Our freedom is in sight. Biafra must come.


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