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Monday 7 March 2016


The Federal  government of Nigeria has moved to change the prosecuting counsel from LABARAN to Mr. Idakwor. This move was promptly countered by the IPOB legal team lead by Mr. Chuks Muoma on the following grounds;

The defending counsel San Chucks Muoma countered the defending counsel and gave reasons why he shouldn't be the prosecuting counsel. Reasons:

(1) The prosecuting counsel is a Principle Leader to Dss.

(2)He does not belong to any attorney general office to be a Prosecuting counsel
(3)By affidavit of investigation, he is a member of the complainants. He cannot be a complainant and prosecutor.

Our defence counsel SAN Muoma rejected a piece of paper which the prosecuting counsel wanted to tender as evidence of harassment against witnesses. The prosecuting counsel claimed that the sheet of paper was handed over to him by the DSS as a report of harassment of one of their prospective witnesses. The judge refused the sheet of paper an exhibit. #Bwcrew

one of the lawyers in our defence team, Barr. Ifeanyi Ejifor is alleging threat to his life by a female staff of DSS who threatened death on his for demanding that the family of our leader be allowed access to the court. He has evidence to prove his allegation if allowed by the court to tender it. #Bwcrew
Family Writers Reporting from Federal High Court Abuja

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