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Friday 18 March 2016


Truth they say comes at last and if there is any sophisticated weapon needed to win an enemy, then i will agree with Nnamdi Kanu that it is nothing but TRUTH. He exposed ahead every hidden agenda of the Millitary led government of Muhammadu Buhari, which has eventually come to bare. With unfolding events, he has gained the right to be called a 'prophet'.

His predictions and its eventual display are the reason why the world at large especially lovers of truth and freedom should not fold their arms and watch things get out of hand. I was not there when the UN agreed on the right to self determination for indigenous people. Many countries have gone their seperate ways, beginning with the balkanization of the USSR and more after them. This goes to prove that Biafrans have the same right to seek freedom from oppression and slavery, and rightfully freedom of self governance.

One might start to wonder why the case of Biafrans are different, despite glaring evidence showing that our right to self determination is legal. Nothing good comes easy no doubt about that, but i think it is high time the lovers of truth and freedom all over the world rise up and do the needful, which include advising the dictator, Muhammadu Buhari to allow Biafrans go and if possible initiate referendum for peaceful dissolution of this abominable marriage between Biafra and Nigeria.

The killing of Biafrans in Nigeria is too much to endure, much more ignored. We appreciate Amnesty International for wading into the matter, by initiating an investigation, and letting the world know that Biafrans are being massacred by the Nigerian Army and Police especially in Aba. We urge other human right bodies to rise up and condemn the actions of the blood thirsty Nigerian government.

 The recent address by the Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria Lt. Col Tukur Buratai, shows how well the Nigerian military orchestrated the unjust massacre of Biafrans and finally concealed it by burning the corpses, so as to erase all evidence connecting them to to the murder.
Col Buratai, i assume you have not watched the video of what your men did that very day, because if you have done that, maybe your conscience would not have allowed you to make such inhumane statement in public. Ialso think that if not for intervention of Biafrans in exposing your soldiers crime, letting the world know what has been happening, you might not have admitted at all that your boys executed this great evil.

One may argue why it took you (Buratai) a week and one month before reacting to this, but we know you are looking for more ways to cover your track.
 Judging from what you said and what we saw on ground that day, it is never in doubt that you and your boys planned the massacre ahead of time. Please we urge you to gather your evidence and start compiling your rules of engagement because it will be needed at ICC Hague. We also advise you to gather all the evidence that sparked provocation, resulting to the application of your rules of engagement.
Biafrans never had any weapon, but their flags and banners. Downplaying this scenario is not acceptable, but then it is Nigeria where everything is possible. Biafrans will be waiting, while Buratai conduct his presumed shambolic investigation.

Written By Jephtha Onyedikachi
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

1 comment

  1. I love this writer,articulate,straight to the points.Indeed he is a prophet,at every TURN/CORNER you turn in this BIAFRA agitations for her restoration you VINDICATE NNADI KANU.HE always say every word that comes out of his mouth is gospel TRUTH( OZI OMA CHINEKE).Thank you for reminding the world that he is a prophet indeed,LOVERS OF TRUTH AND FREEDOM AND LIBERTY all over the world should RISE UP INDEED and condemn EVIL,because EVIL IS EVIL and GOOD IS GOOD,and the good LORD/GOD sits on his throne watching and sees every thing,and will pay every body according to his or her deeds,and will JUDGE nigeria for all these innocent unarmed Biafrans Blood she and her security forces have SPILLED,especially on this her wicked ALTAR of ONE NIGERIA.


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