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Sunday 27 March 2016


Sabongari is an Hausa language which means “strangers area”. The sabongari market in Kano State is a market where Biafrans do their buying and selling, despite all warnings to relocate back to Biafra land where they are sure of security of their lives and properties. For three days now, this very market has been on fire, and from every indication the fire outbreak is not accidental.

 Sabongari was intentionally set ablazed by the Hausa-Fulani people, in fulfilment of their promise to cripple our people's businesses as exposed in an audio recording  between one Hausa politician simply identified as Alhaji, that got leaked to the public.
 The 20:38-minute audio recording, appeared to have been made by a member of one of the political parties or an eavesdropper. The Northern politician, revealed the sinister plot of the Northern politicians to attack the business interests of the people from the South East and South South region of the country.

Investigations led to the source of the audio, who does not wish to be named. It was authenticated that the recording was a real telephone conversation that happened just after the inauguration of the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari on May 29, 2015.
Alhaji took time to reveal the plot of the Northern elites to frustrate people from the South East and South South of Nigeria and revealed that there is a Satanic alliance with some elements of the South West to also join in frustrating the South Easterners and denying them their rights under the constitution to live anywhere they wish and do business anywhere in Nigeria.

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Biafrans in sabongari market reported that as the market was going up in flames, the Hausa/Fulani people where shouting Allahu Akbar, which means “Allah is great”.  They were praising their God for successfully burning down the market where Biafrans were earning their living. Is this is not barbaric?.

In Lagos State, Yaba market, Ladipo market, Oshodi market were demolished without prior notice to the traders. Ikosi area of Ketu market was burnt down as well. In Abuja, Gwagwalada market was demolished, and now Sabongari market has been razed down too. These are markets where Biafrans do their trading. But like the name of the market implies, they are considered strangers and not welcome to do business.

Do not be surprised if you hear or read a news of another market fire outbreak in the northern Nigeria, or demolition in Lagos State, because these people are determined to render Biafrans useless. It is imperative that Biafrans in the north know that this is a final warning as they may not only take away their businesses alone, but also their precious lives.
It is time to go back to Biafra land and establish your businesses at home where you are safe.

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When a person is not welcomed in a place, he or she does not need to be told to vacate such location and go back home. If Biafrans in the northern Nigeria fail to heed to this call to go back home, i'm aftaid many of them may not make it out of the Mohammedan emirate of the North alive. It has been established that their next plan is to carry out a jihad on all Biafrans and non-Muslims. Our leader Nnamdi Kanu sang it like a song but most people called him a joker and 'hate' preacher, but like a prophet, it is all happening before the eyes of all.

It is obvious that Biafrans are not wanted in Nigeria. From time immemorial, Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba oligarchy has exhibited the height of hatred towards Biafrans in so many ways. The only thing these religious bigots and scavengers are concerned about is our oil. This is the irony of one Nigeria, our lives worth nothing to them. All they seek is to wipe us out from the surface of the earth and take over our rich land. These gullible creatures known as the Hausa/Fulani and their Yoruba co-conspirators are good at burning down our markets, churches, properties, killing us at will in their states, and still killing us in Biafra land with impunity using their islamic soldiers in form of the Nigerian army and the Fulani herdsmen.

This barbaric act constantly displayed by the so called "One Nigerianist" has gone beyond escalation, while the Nigerian government prefer sit on the fence. We are expectant that the EU, UN, US, men and women of goodwill who has value for human life and the international community will support and call for Biafra referendum so as to dampen the already tensed society. We are patient now, but it is also imperative that they know that our patience will soon elapse. We have the right to live and exist as a people, and nobody should think of subjugating us any further because we are Biafrans, we never say die!

Written By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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  1. I've never seen a stupid post as this one in my life. More than 90% of the shops burnt by the fire are owned by hausas and somebody here is talking nonsense! To hell with igbos.


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