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Saturday 12 March 2016



The name “Anioma” does it sound Oduduwa, Bini or Arewa?
We are not surprise that Nigerian media are waging unjustifiable war against the restoration of Biafra because they must deliver for the paid job from Nigerian Government. Few months ago we informed the world that $100 million was set aside by the government to pay for evil journalistic services.
In Nigeria, the Journalism sector is a cash and carry business like every other sectors in the country.
The article attributed to Ateke Tom an ex-militant leader of the defunct Niger Delta Vigilante/Niger Delta Patriotic forces that Rivers state is not part of Biafra is one of such expected evil journalistic services geared towards justifying the brown envelop payments from the pay master.
We vehemently condemn the publication. . If I may ask, if Anioma is not part of Biafra, is it Arewa or Oduduwa? How can any sane individual make such ridiculous assertion to mock the already wounded and deprived people of their identity causing them more pains simply because some individual want to please Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba dynasty.
Woe unto such individuals because the spirits of Capt. Anuku, Col. Mike Okwechime, Col. Joe Achuzia, Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu, Col. Conrad Nwawo, Col. Ben Nwajei, and other Biafran veterans from the present day (Anioma) Delta State will hunt them forever.
Of course a dying organism must struggle to live, that's the reason dying Nigeria is gasping for survival in way of manipulative publications borne out of desperation to stay alive.
Since we have beaten them hands down on all phases of these battle the only option they have now is to use weak and willing tools like Ateke Tom to issue false Biafra disassociating press releases.
But we are not worried because we have superior argument and superior weapon which is the TRUTH to destroy all these farce Biafra disassociating press releases.
We are letting them know that despite the billions of Naira President Hitler Buhari have shared amongst the Nigerian bribe ridden media houses especially the Lagos-Ibadan express road based and their cohorts that they cannot surpass the strength of IPOB. We have resolved to forge ahead to smite Nigeria and Nigerians with the TRUTH until they are no more for the reward of the wicked is death.
We know the boundaries of Biafraland and no one can exclude an inch in exchange for personal interest.
Some individuals and groups from Biafraland are Hausa/fulani and Yoruba sponsored, outwardly and in their utterances. They appear to be fighting for a genuine cause for the betterment of the people but lo and behold they are doing their sent master's biddings. For instance the said Ateke and other militants who we know have been made rich using the platform of the struggle for the emancipation of our people have deceived many to wrongly believe them thus why they can come out often to feed on the ignorance and trust of the people.
So sad that the likes of Ateke Tom whom the people have given their trust and expected him to defend their aspiration to be free from all forms of subjugation and to totally extricate them from British created empire called Nigeria are now the ones helping the enemies to carry out their agenda of effectively wiping out our people from the face of earth in exchange for political interest and wealth.
Let it be know to our friends and our enemies that Biafra support is not measured according to inches of column space on newspaper but out on the streets, homes and villages. In every home in Biafraland is IPOB and these Aso Rock paid hatchet men with the connivance of Yoruba media cannot undo it. This is IPOB stand and Biafra must be restored without a missing inch.
By Emma Nnaji

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