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Thursday 3 March 2016


Chris Eluemuno

Biafrans are the most marginalized and despised in Nigeria despite their huge contributions to make Nigeria what is it today "Giant Of Africa". Nigeria could have been no giant of anywhere without Biafrans and resources from Biafra land. Biafrans has always been loyal to one Nigeria ever since she got her independence in spite all the wickedness and jealousy witnessed in the hands of the Hausas and Yorubas in Nigeria.

The chairman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Anambra, chief Chris Eluemuno said that the organization is bound to support the administration of the president Hitler Buhari of Nigeria in the interest of the Igbo. And am asking what interest is he referring to. Who told Chris Eluemuno that infrastructures and enabling environment for business to thrive is what Biafrans needs? Who even authorized Chris Eluemuno to speak on behalf of Biafrans? Indigenous people of Biafra are Republican, they believe in equality and democracy, they seek for only one thing "Self determination", "Biafra independence" not infrastructures nor resource control like Ohanaeze claim.
Ohanaeze talked about hate speeches from Radio Biafra, can they categorically and specifically state or point out those hate speech preached on Radio Biafra? Is the message for the restoration of Biafra a hate speech? If yes, then what would they call the murderous statement of Buhari when he said " he will kill Igbos again", is that a glorious speech am asking Ohanaeze and Chris Eluemuno? Have Ohanaeze publicly condemned Buhari on the killings of Biafra agitators on their protest ground on the 9th of february 2016 at Aba, Abia State? Did they show their grievances on the recent massacre at Rivers State Biafra land or spoke against the ugly act by the Buhari's killing squad all through the month of February 2016. Did Ohanaeze condemn the genocide on pro Biafra protesters at Onitsha, Anambra State on August 2015 by Nigerian Army and Navy, where many lost their lives and the injured were abducted from the hospital where they are receiving treatment to an unknown destination under the command and leadership of Buhari, yet when Biafrans talk about self realization and independence of Biafrans, Ohanaeze term it hate speech. Did the so called Ohanaeze openly destruct, reprove, reprimand and rebuked over the human rights abuses, torture, dehumanization, harassment and unjustly detention of the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu, who has been held illegally against his wish and extra judicially since October 2015, despite proven not guilty, discharged and acquitted unconditionally, yet Buhari continued disobeying court rulings and breaking every law in Nigeria. He was rather calling for Kanu 's head who the world knows is innocent of the crime he was charged.
Consequently on the above, Igbos residing at the northern part of Nigeria are often slaughtered like cows countless times at every little provocation in the so called one Nigeria. Ambode, the Lagos state governor demolished the shops of the Igbos at lagos on January 2016 without any notice after they survived the threat of being drowned in the lagoon if he lost the governorship race. Igbos are being repatriated /deported from Lagos back to Biafra land by the Lagos State governor, a Yoruba man named Fashiola under the umbrella of one Nigeria, and Ohanaeze Ndigbo were either dumb or blind to condemn this cruel act against innocent Biafrans, instead they sold out. Ohanaeze Ndigbo collected huge amount of money and conspired with Hausa/fulani on the mass burial of Biafrans murdered at the north by Hausa's which is a betrayal, sacrilegious act that ought to be punished.
All these atrocities melted on Indigenous people of Biafra is what Nnamdi Kanu saw and was moved. Kanu wept and was heart broken at the level of inhuman and degrading treatment on the inhabitants of Biafra that he volunteered himself. He sacrificed himself to be used as the lamb to see his people happy again and to liberate Biafrans from the shackles of darkness called Nigeria, and to restore the sovereign state of Biafra.
Radio Biafra is simply the voice of the voiceless that speaks for Biafrans who can't speak for themselves, and also propagate the gospel of the restoration of Biafra internationally and locally . Radio Biafra has never command or ordered the killing of Nigerians even when they are the ones killing Biafrans on numerous occasions during peaceful protest, neither have radio Biafra ordered for the kidnap of any Hausa/fulani or any Yoruba, so what is the Ohanaeze blabbing about. Ohanaeze Ndigbo if they are anything, should openly condemned Buhari and his killing machine against Biafrans and not to start making  allegations that radio Biafra preaches hate, when Saduana of Sokoto of the nothern extraction and Obafemi  of the west have been preaching hate and death to Biafrans from as far back  as the 1960s even when as at then, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe was preaching for love in the one Nigeria.

Written By Anyikwa kelechi cynthia
Edited  By  Ikechukwu nwaorisa

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