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Tuesday 29 March 2016



                                          IN NIGERIA EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE DOWN
In Africa everything is retarded, illiteracy and injustice abound but all is taken for granted. The challenges Africa is facing today on the face of this planet earth is nothing but the reflection of their ignorance and wickedness.
To be frank, these inferiorities of Africans and their abhorrence against humanity is the major cause it was possible for the Europeans to conquer almost all their ideologies and esteems. In contrast, the Europeans prefer using their knowledge and potentials in helping and making lives more meaningful to their fellow Whites but here in Africa, there exists an intra-competition, hatred and oppression against each other. The evil the Whites hate, is the evil Black people harbour, no doubt every good in Africa is reversed.


Nigeria is the giant of Africa. When this statement is made the world misunderstands the context. What all these means is that of levels of Illiteracy, Injustice and Wickedness in Africa, Nigeria is the giant of them all. Expressing the terms Nigeria is the giant of illiteracy, the Europeans who brought English lexis to them defined the word "TREASON" as a crime of an attempt to or actually overthrowing one's country or supporting of another country to wage war against your own country. Based on the above definition, the president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari is guilty of the crime "treasonable felony" because he himself anchored the bloody overthrow of some past Head of States in Nigeria. Without any reasonable doubts, Buhari should be locked up to face the consequences of his actions but as everything in Nigeria is negatively reversed and upside down, he was picked to preside as a president of the same country.... the man who committed treason.  When will Nigerians wake up?

In terms of high rate of injustice, the United Nations Charter which is the law that guides human rights interpreted freedom of speech and expression as a privilege for self-determination. Self-determination is the freedom given to a people to make choices and to determine the form of government they want to have. In line with the above charter, Nnamdi Kanu the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and the Director of Radio Biafra boldly came out echoing the voice of his people on Radio Biafra London, which is their choice to attain freedom from Nigeria and to attain Biafra as their nation and homeland. 
But as Nigeria is the giant of Injustice in Africa,  Nigeria government perilously apprehended Nnamdi Kanu accusing him of committing treason instead of Muhammadu Buhari whose treasonable felony is proven. 

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The fact that Justice John Tsoho vacated his earlier judgement not to allow masked witnesses to testify against Nnamdi Kanu in his treason charge, is a clear indication that Nigeria is indeed the giant of all injustices because it is an abnormal judicial scenario for a judge to vacate his own ruling without an appeal by the prosecution. Was he drunk when he made the ruling earlier? That shows how much he was bribed to even overturn the own ruling.

If Africa really need to experience light and progress in the world, this is the time for every individual and leaders in Africa to call evil by its name and stand against Buhari, the Hitler of Africa, the mass murderer and join hand to condemn the injustices being meted to Nnamdi Kanu and the extra-judicial killings of Biafra agitators and call for Biafra referendum.

Written  By MyEminence Akaeze
Edited  By  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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