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Wednesday 23 March 2016




The Nigerian government is a complete disgrace to governance. It baffles me how Nigerian leadership deceive themselves in their thinking that the world is as foolish and stupid as they are in their actions and inactions which is open for all to see. Nigerian government in their corrupt imagination thinks that people will be deceived and fooled by their hypocritical actions to think that they are what they claim to be.
How could a nation that disobeys a ruling of a court of competent jurisdiction come out to tell the world that they uphold the rule of law. Do they think that the world will only see what they want them to see or hear only what they want them to hear? The whole world over knows that Nigeria is a lawless country where court rulings are flouted with all recklessness. Where the president sits in a media chat and finds a suspect guilty without trial. A country where a judge will pass a ruling and come back to vacate the ruling without an appeal by the prosecution. A country whose president unilaterally registers the country in an international treaty of military coalition, in a democratic dispensation, without the approval of the National assembly, [Senate or House of Representatives]. A country who claim to practice freedom of the press and freedom of speech but goes about impounding and confiscating Newspapers carrying news about Biafra.

On the 30th of August, 2015, [the BLACK SUNDAY], a combined team of the Nigerian Army, Navy and Police opened fire on unarmed IPOB members evangelizing along Bridge Head Onitsha, killing about 3 and wounding over 30.

On the 2nd and 17th December, 2015 the Nigerian Army again, shot and killed over 25 members of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB who were rejoicing and jubilating over the news of the release of the detained Director of Radio Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Some who were wounded were rushed to the hospital, but the Nigerian army stormed the hospital where these Biafrans were being treated and whisked them away to an unknown destination and have never been seen or heard from till date.

Yet again 9th of February, 2016, these breed of murderers called Nigeria Army, Navy and Police invaded the compound of National High School Aba where members of IPOB were praying for the detained leader of IPOB before embarking on a peaceful protest, and opened fire on the unarmed citizens, killing about 10 people including a woman on the spot and fatally injuring about 22 others.

Then on Saturday, February 13, 2016, 13 dead bodies of suspected IPOB members were found at an isolated refuse dumping ground with their hands tied behind them with the Biafran flag and shot dead and a very dangerous chemicals poured on them making their bodies to bleach and shrink.
On the 19th day of January, 2013, floating bodies of about 30 men were discovered at Ezu River in Amansea community of Anambra State. What killed them? Who killed them and dumped them inside the Ezu river? A commission of inquiry into the death of these 30 men were never conducted or if conducted by a “Kangaroo” committee, the report was never made public till date. Autopsy report on the cause of such magnitude of deaths was never made public. Only in Nigeria.
It will be recalled that months before the arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra and Biafra TV, the Nigeria government mobilized her military to arrest and detain anybody seen listening to Radio Biafra or playing the radio station in his car. If you are seen with a Biafran Flag, you will be arrested. If you are seen wearing a Biafran T-shirt, you will be arrested and in most case disappear without trace. And this country claim she is practicing democracy. Can any country be more hypocritical?
Saturday, 12 December 2015, the Nigeria armed Forces attacked and killed over 1000 Shiites Muslims in Kanu State Nigeria and detained its leader, Sheikh Ibrahim ZakZaky. He has neither been charged by the police or Army nor been released.

Now, this government who has committed these innumerable amount of human rights violations, seeing that it has got a case to answer at the ICC in The Hague, quickly inaugurates an investigative panel of inquiry into the crimes SHE committed. And who are the members of this panel you might ask? Surprise surprise.... the same people who committed the crime. NIGERIA GOVERNMENT LED BY GENERAL MOHAMMADU BUHARI HAS SET UP A MILITARY COMMITTEE TO INVESTIGATE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY COMMITTED BY THE MILITARY. Ridiculous isn't it?
And they are calling on members of the society who have any information regarding these atrocities to come up and give such information. Now can someone tell me how any Nigerian citizen can go to these Military men to testify against the army when mere mention of the word Biafra means death. When mere listening to Radio Biafra is a crime. What evidence do they want the masses to come up to give when Buhari refused to watch a video clip showing one of the atrocities committed by his men presented to him by an Aljazeera journalist. WHO IS FOOLING WHO? Is Nigeria government fooling the world or fooling herself?

The blood sucking demon imposed on Nigeria by David Cameron and Barak Obama

We don’t need the result of the inquiry to be released to know what it contains just as we have heard the verdict of Nnamdi Kanu's trial pronounced by Buhari even before Nnamdi Kanu went on trial. So The committee of inquiry is a Kangaroo committee whose report has been written and given to them before the inauguration.
It is unimaginable that Nigeria will think that the world will be fooled her Kangaroo investigation on her crimes against humanity in Nigeria when the crime being investigated was committed by the same people investigating it. Who committed the crime against Humanity and human rights violations, THE MILITARY and who is investigating the human rights violations…THE MILITARY. Can the military indict itself? Here, the answer is NO. So we are not waiting for the result of the investigation because we already know it. Whatever is the result of the committee’s investigation will never save Buhari, the Inspector General of Police and the army from the ICC.

Written  By  Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa

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