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Wednesday 23 March 2016

HYPOCRISY! Buhari Condemns Belgium Attacks After Launching Massive Military Slaughter Against Citizens, Seeks Cooperation Against Terrorism

In what seems to be a high level of hypocrisy, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has joined leaders across Europe and the rest of the world in condemning the atrocious terrorist attacks at the Zaventem Airport and Maalbeek Metro Station in Brussels earlier Tuesday, a statement from his office said.
But back home in Nigeria, there has being evidence of the military under the direct command and control of Buhari carrying terrorist attacks on harmless and innocent citizens who are in most cases peaceful protesters exercising their legitimate and democratic right. See video Here
The statement, signed by the president’s spokesperson, Femi Adesina, said Mr. Buhari commiserated with Prime Minister Charles Michel and Belgians over the loss of over 30 lives in the attacks.

But he (Buhari) vehemently refused to watch the video of his supposed citizens unlawfully killed by his soldiers during an interview on Aljazeera  which connotes the fact that he gave the order for the peaceful protesters to be massacred. See video evidence Here
“The president assures Prime Minister Michel and the people of Belgium that having suffered the horror and anguish of incessant terrorist attacks over several years, Nigeria stands in full solidarity with them on this day of national pain and trauma.
“President Buhari believes that the appalling attack on Brussels reinforces the need for greater international cooperation to effectively confront and destroy global terrorism and its perpetrators.
“The president assures the global community that under his leadership, Nigeria will continue to work with other countries of the world to ensure that terrorism never triumphs over free, peaceful and law-abiding nations and people of the world.
“He wishes the more than 100 persons injured in the attacks a speedy recovery,” the statement adds.

But in Nigeria where Muhammadu Buhari is a President, over 900 Shi'ite Muslims were killed by his military, nothing serious has being done about it.

This hypocrisy knows no bound.

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