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Monday 28 March 2016


Nnamdi Kanu The Leader Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra
Just as the light outshines darkness and truth unbending, so will history always resurface. Be it days, weeks, months or years, the buried truth must surely resuscitate. They may kill our prophets, erase and remove all evidence, the prophecy must surely be fulfilled. This is the case of Biafra. Though her rich history was never spoken of nor taught in schools, neither was the agony she suffered during the Biafran war  acknowledged. Yet, she has again announced her return.

The return of Biafra has sparked the wildfire of realizations, sense of belonging and call to patriotism across her shores. Just like the lost sheep, the Biafrans have recognized their shepherd's voice and are harkening to the clarion call. The Nigerian government tried to ban the movie (HALF A YELLOW OF THE SUN) that portray these rich histories of a people; the Biafrans. Even though they succeeded in editing the scenes where the wanton massacre of Biafran was carried out by the bloodthirsty Nigerians and Hausa/Fulanis in Nigeria's cinema, Biafrans ensured that the unedited version of the movie will be played in places where civility is of the essence. Just as the tides of the ocean keep rising, so is Biafra.

In this movement for FREEDOM, a new dimension is declared. Over the seas, to the lands and oceans, her echo resounds nonstop. Why is Muhammad Buhari adamant? What can be the reason for his obstinacy and defiance? Buhari committed a treasonable felony when he overthrew Shehu Shagari in December 1983. Yet, he remains unpunished and he is pointing accusing fingers at Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has never pulled any trigger nor toppled any government of treasonable felony. Buhari cowardly commanded Nnamdi Kanu's imprisonment because he is afraid of accepting his failure as a president and the fact that Biafra is a certainty through the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu.

The clock is ticking and time is slowly closing in on Buhari.
Biafrans are special species that cannot be extinguished. These are people who possess an undying will power and their survival instinct is above 100%. Nnamdi Kanu is not supposed to be locked up for demanding the right of his people. Complete and absolute disaster awaits an unpopular government that frames up her people with lies. Such government deserves no worth nor recommendations of any sorts.

The unfortunately merged contraption (Nigeria) is in a sour state and the government has no scruples about killing her citizens. Just like vampires, they poise and suck out life off harmless, unarmed, untrained and suffering masses. They oppress and suppress any iota of opposition by any possible means with the intent to annihilate truth but truth can never be hidden, like night and day, it cannot be stopped.

It is factual that Buhari is the guilty sheriff, not Nnamdi Kanu. He (Buhari) toppled a democratic government, Nnamdi Kanu did not and will never. The urge to kill is unstrange to Buhari. He has murdered and killed before and immediately he resumed office, the Biafrans were the recipient of his killing spree in Akwa Ibom. He ordered the use of Napalm bomb on innocent Biafrans. He has shown that he is ready to kill at will.


The numerous death of peaceful protesters that were demanding the release of the worldwide leader of IPOB; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was a testament to how bloodthirsty Buhari is. Recently, in an interview with Martine Dennis, of Al Jazeera. Buhari refused to watch a video in which peaceful praying Biafrans were randomly shot dead.

Nnamdi Kanu keeps upholding the truth of Biafra even in sufferance by  reaffirming hope in the lives of his subjugated people. Meanwhile,  Buhari has become the kingpin of corruption by encircling himself with worldwide wanted and known corrupt individuals. He oversees the padding of budgets and all sorts of inhumane and uncivil behaviors expected of an acclaimed leader.

 Distortion of judicial procedures in the unjust trial of Nnamdi Kanu has shown the whole world that just as a leopard cannot change its spots, so will Buhari never change in persecuting those saying the truth. But this truth regardless of how it has been deprived must be told and must prevail. Our progenitors were truthful and said the truth always even when it led to their death and so shall we uphold same truth and our posterities shall do same. Bear this in mind that history will always vindicate the just.

Written By Victoria. O. C. Agangan 
Edited By Obioma Ebere
Published By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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