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Sunday 6 March 2016


Muhammadu Buhari The Genocidist
Often times, humanity awaits to be reminded of the clear truth that once a dictator remains a dictator, even when he subtly gives a nod to democratic processes just for his ulterior motives. Dictators of the modern era often wears civilian clothing not because they are civil, but rather to put up pseudo appearances like the biblical wolves that covers themselves in sheep clothing.

In Nigeria, showcases a man whose ways of life and the process of his emergence to the position of a President are in clear gap just like the North and South margins. Although the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari emerged through a democratic process, but the principles of democracy are indeed what he would never want to practice, not even for a moment. It really aches him to be reminded that he is a democratically elected President and not a militarized system of seizing power.
 His utterances, style of leadership and indeed his penchant in murdering the rule of law, shows how strongly and flagrantly he is enthroning a dictatorial rule in the contraption Nigeria, that is already in comatose due to his hardened choice of leadership.
When you listen to Buhari's various statements on Biafra, one may be forced to ask why a man of medieval age always put up with an attitude and tendency of committing another genocide on Biafrans.
The above insinuation portrays his recent statements in an interview he granted to Aljazeera TV in Qatar, in which he denied the knowledge of a video clip showing the killings and Nigeria's security forces brutality against Pro-Biafra agitators in Aba on the 9th of February, 2016. He rather boasted that those Pro-Biafra protesters were joking with the security operatives and that Nigeria would not tolerate Biafra.

Of course he was not amiss with what he said, knowing fully well how barbaric and callous his overzealous men on army uniforms can be, as the world wakes up everyday with the breaking news of the havoc and inhumane treatment his Fulani foot soldiers have created on Biafrans. He is fully aware of the atrocities his men have inflicted on Biafrans and they have continued that unabated.
Some Of The Biafrans Recently Killed In The Ongoing Holocaust
The Aba mayhem targeted on Biafrans is indeed one of the great jobs his security men did for him. The Pro-Biafra protesters were not just killed, but their bodies incinerated to avoid recognition of the victims remains. He knows the brutal and hardened command he has given to the security forces on Biafrans and awaits to see how Biafrans would survive in the midst of total annihilation order given to his security men.
Without mincing words, he said “Nigeria won’t
tolerate Biafra". In order words, he is in outright disposition to continue killing and maiming Biafrans given by his body language.
From henceforth, the world ought to be on alert since the President of Nigeria has publicly boasted that Biafrans' freedom and independence is not going to be tolerated by the Nigerian state.
Biafrans quite understood every beat of his
threat, and we have cried out before, but it seems the hypocritical and double standard nations of the world are feigning ignorance of the fact that Biafrans are been faced with the threat and execution of extermination from the hands of the Nigerian state and its President simply because they are pursuing for their right to self-determination.
Therefore let Buhari also be aware that no
one has the monopoly of violence and killings, Biafrans will always devise every means to protect and defend themselves if the need arises.
Again, Biafrans wish to notify the world and the international communities, the importance of calling the arch genocidist to order.
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It is funny he talks of Nigeria not tolerating Biafrans, yet would not allow them to create their own nation. Men distance themselves from what they could not tolerate, and not holding on to it.
Biafrans, no longer wish to stay in an artificial contraption and a mere geographical area that has pulled them backwards since inception, they are ever determined to go their separate ways. Not even slaughtering, killing, intimidation, kidnapping and arresting them can quell the Biafran struggle or its imminent restoration.

Written By Anyikwa Kelechi Cynthia.
Edited By Ucheagu Chukwuemeka C.
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers.

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