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Wednesday 9 March 2016


BUHARI CLAIMS THE COUNTRY IS BROKE WHILE RUNNING A LUXURIOUS GOVERNMENT There’s a big question about Buhari's integrity and corruption fight with his level of wastage and profligacy in the form of bribes, huge pay to government officials, unnecessary journeys, luxurious agendas and unnecessary duplication of duties and services - Buhari has four different Personal Assistants with the word, “Media” attached to their titles and you ask; what is the difference in their jobs? Buhari has so far spent over 27billion naira in his travels round the world yet no $1 investment has entered the country as a result of those journeys - the only thing it yielded is having Nigeria which is over 50% Christians, listed in the Saudi-Led Islamic coalition. 

This year all tiers of government, including the Presidency, will spend billions importing cars whereas the British Prime Minister uses public transport; and Britain is one of the countries Nigeria intends to borrow from in order to fund her over padded budget of corruption. 

Buhari's government is also planning to spend billions to import grasses for fulani herdsmen, the bribes offered to lawmakers, judges and journalists in millions of dollars left out, billions are spent on maintaining the fleets of presidential jets Buhari added to himself, just to mention a few. What grieves me most is this man's insensitivity and wickedness towards common Nigerians. In an Al Jazeera interview, Buhari said that Nigeria could no longer afford to sell foreign exchange to parents whose students are studying abroad when his own kids school abroad; this highlights the fact that Buhari is a selfish and eccentric man who does not have the interest of the masses at heart and does not care.

The dullard does not know that wastage is a threat to economic development, Nigerians are suffering while he lives in luxury and wastage, with Aisha Buhari throwing cocktail parties for journalists to buy them off. Why wasn't this man briefed on what running a government in this age is like? To make it worse, he surrounded himself with brains like his. Unending qeues in filling stations, increased price on every commodity, no circulation of money, lost of jobs and businesses and Buhari is busy wasting money. What does someone who has no knowledge of economics and failed mathematics in his Secondary School certificate which happens to be his only certificate know about the economy? Written by 
Ken Pat for IPOB writers

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  1. Good write up. You are very very right. Buhari is an Illiteracy. But i am happy with that because it is Nigerians that go to poll and vote that man.


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