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Monday 7 March 2016


We (Biafrans) under the umbrella of Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), have been on the path of the quest to restore our darling country but it has not been an easy one (I must confess). The constraints that have befalls Nigeria (evil contraption of the British) has been extended to our paths.
Countless challenges that ranges from Media falsehood, allegations, injustice, oppression, marginalization, killings, unlawful arrest and detention, kidnapping, criminality, rape, crops vandalization, pipes vandals, market burning and demolition, restriction to worship, breach of human rights, intimidation, demoralization, lost Joy happiness to live, fear, traps, harassment, etc. has really deemed to has made us stop the restoration of our dearest mother land (#Biafra) because it has already damaged Nigeria to the extent a poor health president will be installed at will, abiding constitution can be skipped at will, judges can lie at will, ministers, governors & president can change campaign proposal at will, a president can appoint it's brothers/sisters to political sensitive offices at will, terrorist under life sentence can be freed at will, soldiers can do the work of police at will, soldiers can kill civilians at will, human rights and protest can be trap for torture and punishment at will, under age can exercise voting at will etc.

In spite of all these atrocities the international bodies that stands as watchdog appeared absolutely silent. The United Nation, ECOWAS, G7, EUROPEAN UNION AFRICAN UNION, OPEC AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, RELIGIOUS BODIES, ETC. never made a moderated statement to condemn any of the aforementioned atrocities.
Today, I'm glad that some international media are very much alive. They have shown the true spirit that stirs up their goals in eyes to the eyeless, ear to earless, mouth to mouthless, hope to the hopeless.

These media houses ( IBtimes, Yahoo news, Newyork times) we the family of IPOB say Thank you.
We expect more more unbiased media to join these media houses (that shown ways forward to us)  to extend our (IPOB) cries to those silent international bodies. we our Able Director Nnamdi Kanu freed from detention, our illegally detained IPOB protesters released and to conduct a referendum for peaceful restoration of #Biafra!!
we are not terrorist organization, we the Indigenous people of Biafra.

By Richmond C. Amadi 

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