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Saturday 12 March 2016


Biafrans Protesting The illegal Incarceration Of Nnamdi Kanu
The attention of Biafra Writers has been drawn to an online publication of one Buhari's lap dog named Chief Jones Dike who is the leader of Buhari Solidarity
Front. This man spewed the unthinkable, and as such must not go without being addressed.

According to the said publication, Chief Dike had asked Pro-Biafra agitators to drop or abandon quest in support of national unity and  President Muhammadu Buhari in his fight against corruption, urging South-easterners to join in the fight. While we view this as just the ranting of a servant obviously working to please or satisfy his paymaster, we dare to ask Dike to explain to us in what ways has President Buhari himself fostered national unity and

Does national unity mean sidelining the Easterners and appointing only Fulani men from his ethnic origin in his Kitchen Cabinet, or does it  mean shunning dialogue, arresting and killing innocent and defenceless Pro-Biafra demonstrators or his implementation of Northern agenda and the  fabrication of false and spurious charges against Pro-Biafran leader Nnamdi Kanu in a desperate bid to have him nailed and detained indefinitely?.

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What about his speech before his election on the BBC where he had said that he would not mind killing the Igbos again to keep Nigeria together as one, or the recent one on Al jazeera where he was quoted to have said that Biafra is a joke and he will not tolerate her? Has national unity reflected in all this things and more he has done and said? Are you asking us to support a regime that has brought more harm and sorrows to the citizens of the country without conscience? An administration that was already destined to fail even before its assumption?

By the way, is it only peaceful Pro-Biafra agitators that needs abandoning their quest, what about the Fulani herdsmen in consonant with the Boko Haram terrorist sect and other ethnic violence perpetrated in the country? Are they also promoting national unity?
We are also at lost on what ways he wanted us to help him fight corruption since he(Buhari) has exhibited corruption in many ways including in the undermining of the judiciary. We can never be part of witch hunt in the guise of corruption when a great number of members from his party are corrupt and still walking freely. Eventhough we have no business with Nigerian politics, we dare to ask, How many people from his party and kinsmen has he indicted or convicted for corruption?

Dike has failed to understand that corruption is not the problem of Nigeria but its deliberate hand-twisted structure and the forceful incohesive marriage of the diverse ethnic groups which only a peaceful disintegration and dissolution will proffer a solution to. We also found it laughable that Dike would attribute to the past Jonathan's administration, the current economic catastrophe which was due to Buhari's incompetence and lack of knowledge and wherewithal in fixing the economic challenges in the country he presides.

 The question is why was he voted in the first place by Nigerians? Was the economy this bad when he ascended to the presidency. Our view is that an inept, clueless and incompetent person will always blame others for his woes, failures and inability in doing things in an appropriate and conventional manner.
Rather than preaching to Biafrans to abandon their agitation for an independent State, Dike should inculcate the meaning of democracy, rights of self-determination to his paymaster Buhari who exudes the inclination of a dictator and apparently lacks knowledge of what is obtainable in a democratic setting.

Our unflagging resolve and determination in fighting for the restoration of Biafra is unquestionably   undoubtedly firm and rooted, hence we will not listen to anyone asking us to back out from pursuing our objectives. If Dike wants to support Buhari, he should count Biafra agitators out of it and stop cropping up unnecessary issues, in the guise of fostering unholy unity in the fraudulent contraption created by Britain.

Written By Ucheagu Chukwuemeka C.
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
On Behalf Of Biafra Writers.

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