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Sunday 13 March 2016


It is said that he who fought and retreated was never conquered, it was only a strategy for him to live and fight another day. All over history, both ancient and modern history, we have experienced all kinds of slavery, from ancient Roman conquest and enslavement which lasted for many centuries, covering from late BC to early AD, to Transatlantic slave trade which lasted between 15 century to 19 century, to Berlin conference of 1885 which gave birth to African colonization(another kind of enslavement) and finally to Neo-colonialism which seems to be the worst kind of enslavement.

When a people, a nation or an individual is involve in the above categorized type of enslavement, they or their generation shall always set themselves free from their oppressor someday except if they are involve in Neo-colonialist kind of enslavement.   When a people are enslaved, they usually consider their oppressor as their enemy, and always hope that someday they shall be free. Their oppressor may have conquered them militarily, but their thought, mind-set and mental resillience remains intact.

A father will always say to his son, 'we are from that land across this river, someday, we shall fight our way out here and match into our blessed land'.  There are instances regarding this in our history, like the enslavement of Israelite in Egypt under the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II, during the days of Moses(we all know the story), we have the slaves in ancient Rome, some of them were hopeful to be free someday while others made attempt to kill their masters whom they consider as their enemy.  we also had slaves in America and Europe during Transatlantic slave trade, many of them hope and worked for their freedom.

During British colonial era in Africa, we also had other forms of slavery which the oppressor(British) refer to as protectorate, the people fought for their freedom which is generally refer to as independence.
During each era of the above detailed forms of enslavement(i.e, ranging from the era of moses to colonial era), the enslaved people never felt comfortable staying with their oppressor. Their mind were always at home, contemplating trading off their freedom like Ateke Tom for little crumbs from their master's table was a taboo, because their mental strenght has not been conquered.

 In my opinion, Neo-colonialism and Mental slavery is the worst kind of slavery in the world history, a kind of slavery where a slave sees his oppressor as his god and feel much comfortable staying with him, a situation where a slave will be ready to trade off his NAME, FREEDOM and IDENTITY for crumbs that fell from the oppressor's table, that is the worst kind of slavery the world had ever experienced.  After decolonization, the British tend and still want to enslave Africa, to achieve this evil goal, they introduced neo-colonialism/mental salavery.

With England version of  Christianity, media preponderance and installed African puppet leaders at their disposal, the British set for their modern day African enslavement. To make it work, the British must heterogeneously divide the indigenous people within Africa and partition their lands accordingly, especially in Nigeria, the British must bring Muslim North and Christian South together, Northern feudalism, Western monarch system and Eastern republican together, oil rich east and desert poor north together, British must call them one country and partition their lands accordingly, that country is called Nigeria.The British must enslave the eastern people in perpetuity through the northern people, a place where they can find a loyal puppet at their beck and call.

A bold step was taken by Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in 1967 -- 1970, to crush the British puppet ruler and liberate Biafrans, but unknown to Ojukwu, he was not waging war against British puppet but against Britain itself and their allies. When Ojukwu discovered that Biafran children were dying in their millions as a result of blockade, even though Biafran army was standing strong and ready to fight for 20 years and beyond, his second in command Gen. Phillip Effiong called of the war, not as a surrender, but as a strategy to allow the children to live only to fight another day, that day will come 45 years later.

Britain, to ensure that this does not happen again, to ensure that the Biafrans do not stand up for their liberation and freedom again, the British must divide and give them different names such as NIGER DELTA, SOUTH SOUTH, RIVERS, this divide must be followed through with a sustained media campaign aimed at washing off their brain. Then the English version of Christianity shall be introduced, telling the southern Biafran people(niger delta, south south and rivers) that they should forgive those who kill and oppress them, for their home is no longer on earth but in heaven. This British evil plan seem to be working until the emergence of the saviour of the black man, otherwise known as the Leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, NAMDI KANU.

He was born for the sole purpose of uniting Biafrans against the British divide, setting Biafra free, liberating Africa and joining Africa among the world powers. 99.9% of his people love him, from Agbor Northern Biafra to Ijaw Southern Biafra. But as nature may have it, there must be always a Judas in every twelve. In Biafra land we call them Ifeajuna. The mosr recent of them is ATEKE TOM. He hail from Ijaw clan of Biafra, though he is just an individual with no significance, but he was among the militant in early 2000s who traded their legitimate demand for money, and subsequently become a gate man in his own father's compound.

 Though some other militant leaders accepted the so called amnesty during late Musa Yaradua administration, but just like Gen. Phillip Effiong, it was a strategy of retreat for tomorrow's war, having seen the enormous war ahead with the British.  They retreated waiting for the ultimate leader to emerge, waiting for the march against the British and its puppet (Nigeria), waiting for Nnamdi Kanu who shall go before them against Nigeria-British. Now that the long awaited Kanu have emerged, the militant leaders quickly resumed activities, this time they declared for Biafra, knowing that with Nnamdi Kanu as their ultimate leader, it's game over for Nigeria-British.

One of the militant, Ateke Tom still appear to be asleep, even when the rising sun is shining already.  He prefer crumbs from his Hausa/fulani master's table than his freedom, he prefer to guide his own property(pipe line) without having access to it, he speak against Biafra, he speaks against the truth, he he spat on the grave of over 3.5 million Biafra who died that we may have our freedom.

We know he (Ateke tom) was disarmed during amnesty, but never knew his mind, thought and mental strenght was disarmed too.  He now considers his oppressor his god, he is now denouncing his true identity, he now calls himself a Niger Deltan.  Struggle for freedom never come across his mind anymore, his brain is now demented, his mental strenght has been conquered. Ateke Tom is a victim of neo-colonialism, a victim of mental slavery, the worst kind of slavery in human history.

Written by Obinwa N. Ezeonyebuchi.    
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
On Behalf Of Biafra Writers


  1. Biafra Herald we are formidable! No going back the truth is biafra and biafra is the truth. The sun is rising...

  2. Biafra Herald we are formidable! No going back the truth is biafra and biafra is the truth. The sun is rising...


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