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Saturday 27 February 2016

Ralph Uwazuruike ‘planning’ to sabotage Ndigbo and Biafra- says MASSOB

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) yesterday said it would soon make public desperate moves by Chief Ralph Uwazuruike to nail Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra and leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

A statement signed by the factional leader of the group, Mr. Uchenna Madu, alleged that the major reason why the Federal Government initially planned to “mask the witnesses” was because the leading witness is a former popular Ndigbo, who had thrown caution to the wind for the sake of money, wealth and mundane things.

The statement said it had strong evidence to but-tress its argument that the leading witness from the Department of State Services (DSS) against Kanu was Uwazurike, who was a former MASSOB leader.

“We have all the evidence to prove our points on Uwazurike’s romance with the oppressors of Ndigbo. “Uwazurike is jittery and not comfortable with the emergence of Nnamdi Kanu as the leading figure and hero of genuine Biafra struggle.

He will sponsor, support, participate and execute any evil plan or move that will tarnish, blackmail, jail or even kill
Kanu just for MASSOB Uwazuruikepeople to see him as over all Biafra leader which Biafrans are now fully aware,” the statement added.

The statement added that: “Initially, the DSS had no witness or evidence against Kanu until Uwazurike who worked for President Goodluck Jonathan’s continuation of Nigeria’s domination of Biafra made himself a willing tool of destabilisation to President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration against Kanu.”

MASSOB also alleged that through Uwazurike, the Federal Government had contracted one Mr. Benjamin Onuegbu, who is believed to be Uwazurike’s BIM Coordinator in Lagos State; Mr. Solomon Chukwu, BIM’s administrator, Port Harcourt, whom Uwazurike also allegedly instigated to claim as a factional MASSOB leader and Mr. Sunny Okoroafor, BIM’s Information Officer in Aba, to frustrate all efforts towards Igbo agenda.

It would be recalled that the DSS had told the court that their witnesses were residents of Lagos, Port Harcourt and Owerri among others, despite the fact that the court’s refusal to grant the DSS its request of masking the face of its witnesses against Kanu has been seen as a major setback.

Madu also claimed that: “As a former National Director of Information under Uwazurike’s MASSOB and a very close national officer of MASSOB, who spent two years in detention with Uwazurike in DSS headquarters, Abuja, Suleja and Keffi prisons before his release and numerous other things that hold us together, I know Uwazurike more than Okoroafor, who was my commissioner of information Aba region.

I challenge Uwazurike to an open debate on all of our activities involving Biafra and Igbo course anywhere in Igbo land.”

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