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Friday 5 February 2016

Pondering World Bank’s “Unsecured loan” to Nigeria

The latest news in town is that Nigeria will soon access a loan of $3.5 billion from the World Bank (WB) and African Development Bank (AfDB). It was reported to be an emergency loan which the country intends to use in filling the growing gap in its 2016 budget, which incidentally is still being debated at the National Assembly. The World Bank is to provide $2.5 billion of the loan, while the AfDB will provide the rest $1 billion.

It is already known that the mission of the new joker in town, called Nigerian President, which is Muhammadu Buhari, who has been scampering around the world, was to access loans and assistance to run the now illegal country, Nigeria. He has been drawing blank everywhere he went.
But whythe World Bank and AfDB would have confidence to offer such a loan to Nigeria is still baffling to many people. In fact, Biafrans who interacted with Biafra Family Writers, as well as those that have expressed their opinions in the social media wonder why the World Bank would be so disposed to granting “Unsecure Loan” to a country that has expired. Some wondered whether the world top financial bank is operating under a spell.

They have asked whether top managers at the bank know that loaning money to Nigeria would amount to toying with the funds trusted in their care? Who will loan money to another daft, (as all Nigerian rulers have proven to be)? It is known fact that the only economic management Nigeria rulers (past and present) knew has been to borrow funds, embezzle them, and then sell crude oil to pay back the debts. So why would a world institution, or country, want to loan money to another of Nigeria’s many school dropouts in government, who are not even fit to manage a local government.
They expected that the world should know that the only sane and hardworking people in the expired contraption called Nigeria are Biafrans; the ones that have been building the country with their sweat and blood – the ones who now want out of the expired Nigeria. They expect the world to know also that the crude petroleum products with which the Nigerian prodigal rulers have used to pay the loans and run the country is in Biafran territory; that the expertise and foreign exchange that have so far kept the country from grinding to a halt comes from Biafrans. So, they wanted to know how the World Bank hoped to regain its money after it had been embezzled.

Another group of questions abound. Who would loan money to a dead country? Who would loan money to an expired country? Who would loan money to a country that is already in illegal existence? The World Bank should know, they lectured, that Nigeria was cobbled together to last for a 100 years, which elapsed in 2014.
A little history reveals that the British forced Biafrans and other peoples into its pet project – Nigeria – in 1914, and that it was given a lifespan of 100 years. The 100 years ended December 31, 2014, and since then, Nigerian rulers have been trying to hoodwink or force the peoples to continue in the wicked contraption. But Biafrans knew the situation and they have consistently maintained they wanted out.
Now, rather than take the civilised way out, as provided by international law, what Buhari and his corrupt and Nigerian rulers have been doing is to humiliate and intimidate Biafrans demanding their right. This they have done by detention, torture, or outright murder. That is why Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra, is in detention under trumped up charges. This is why also innocent and defenseless Biafran protesters are being shot and killed with life bullets on the streets.

Biafrans are requesting therefore, that the World Bank discontinue with this loan business with Nigeria, unless it is in support of the planned extermination of Biafrans so that their lands and resources would be inherited by the Fulani, Hausa and the Yoruba people.
Nonetheless, it will not be an easy task because many Biafrans will only go down fighting. Indeed, current happenings should prove to the world that those days when Biafrans are massacred and nothing happens may soon be over. There are Biafrans today who are ready to lay down their lives, and will tell you that “he that is down fears no fall”. So, there are strong indications that things would no longer be business as usual.
This is why it is important that the world listen to rational voices of the Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu. They are the people that have taken recourse in international law to extricate themselves and their dear land from the evil clutches of incubus Nigeria. Biafran economists think the World Bank and AfDB should therefore be well-guided on its attempt to grant “unsecured loan” to Nigeria. They think the World Bank and AfDB should steer clear of Nigeria because they cannot loan money to one people expecting to be paid with stolen funds and blood money taken from another people.
What World Bank, AfDB, any country, or world-renown institution can and should do, they advise, is to approach Biafrans and do business with them. Nigerian President, or Nigeria, no longer speaks for Biafrans. They no longer have that right because legally Nigeria has ceased to exist.
What that means is that any government or world institution transacting business with Nigeria in view of the resources in Biafraland are doing so clearly at their own risk. Same is the case with countries and companies signing oil and gas contracts with Nigeria. The oil and gas you are seeking is from Biafraland, not Hausa land or Yoruba land (Fulani people don’t even have land in Nigeria – they are aliens from Senegal). Biafrans will not take responsibility for agreements signed with Fulanis, Hausas, or Yorubas, on resources that are solely theirs.

By Tim Tochukwu

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