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Wednesday 10 February 2016


I am writing this letter with tears and anguish that have bewildered my soul after the gruesome killing of ten Biafrans who were protesting for freedom on 9th of February in Aba Biafraland. What really baffles me about this killing  was that these Biafrans were in a prayer mode while the Nigeria Army opened fire on them, leading to the death of ten Biafrans while over thirty were injured  and over fifty still missing. What is the world's reactions over this act  by the barbarous Nigeria security on praying Biafrans? No comment as usual. Excluding the likes of Britain who nods at such medieval era behaviour by the ragtag and barbarous Nigerian army. Biafrans are killed as if they are not humans, even the killing of non-humans in Europe, America, Asia and other parts of the world is seen by world leaders as crime or unfriendly act by the one who commited such an act, and thus attracts media outrages. But when Biafrans are killed, it doesn't merit common media report not to mention investigation. Where are the likes of BBC, CNN, ABC NEWS, YAHOO NEWS, ALJAZEERA, AP, REUTERS etc. The gradual extermination of Biafrans by Britain and Nigeria seem not worthy to be frowned at by most sycophant world leaders and their evil umpires. I am really astonished!
The moral status of most reputable world institutions like UN, EU, Human Right Watch etc, that kept the world relatively safe is really going docile and that configures the world future into terror that might consume humanity. The lack of bold confrontation to evil and the narrow mind-set of trading Human Right with politics which most world institutions are guilty of today, will definitely spell doom for humanity. EU parliament in their failure to know whom General Buhari is, were cajoled into wasting their time listing to a man who doesn’t understand what Human Right is all about but could only pronounce the word when scripted for him by his media aid for reading. To prove that him and his regime don’t believe or know what human right is, less than a week after his flaw filled and weightless speech, his soldiers killed ten Biafrans on prayer mode. Shame to anyone who takes him serious on human right.

The world should know that Biafrans are humans who will one day run out of patience from this killings, maiming, incarcerations, and the hypocrisy that clad the whole annihilation attempts by Britain and Nigeria over Biafrans will be resisted by Biafrans. We are crying, shouting and blood instead of tears are flowing from our eyes yet no one seems to care. Every now and then we are forced to approach grave yards to bury our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, siblings, uncles etc killed 
by Nigeria securities and yet the world and her bodies feign ignorance. The day we say “NO” to these evils melted on us, and go on defending ourselves with any tool at our reach, the world will wake up from their death sleep and see our defence as a crime worthy of comment. Six million Biafrans were killed by the combined forces of the world, including Britain, America, Russia and Egypt . Is the blood of 6 million Biafrans not enough for the world to see and grant us Freedom from Nigeria? What is so important that Biafra must be part of Nigeria for that country to exist? Heaven and earth will surely curse anyone who will raise voice of blames on us when we decide to defend ourselves. We are peaceful people whose only crime  is to demand for freedom from oppression. 
United Nations, gave a declaration on the rights of indigenous people to self determination, why are you quiet and docile while Biafrans seeking their independence in line with UN declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples are being gruesomely massacred in cold blood for seeking their self determination? Why are you quiet while the Nigeria government charges Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra. IPOB for treason for seeking the freedom of his people? If you cannot answer these questions, may you not hold Biafrans to blame if they seek to defend themselves from the hands of the murderous Nigeria agents.

With drops of tears of blood from my eyes I seal up this letter to you.... President Obama, David Cameron, Putin, Hollende, Angella of Germany, Benjamin Nateyahu, Bankimoon and the rest of you. And I say to those of us who went down while on this course, we that are still alive will never, disappoint you. And for the world who see and heard all these yet feigns ignorant, may you remember that we will never give up our freedom, and will not always watch them killing us. Self-defence in the midst of world hypocrisy could be the best option to us and the last resort. Long Live Nnamdi Kanu, Long Live IPOB, Long Live Biafra

Wtritten  By   Okoro Austine
Edited  By  Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa

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