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Saturday 6 February 2016


Mohammadu Buhari

"I will make 'Nigeria' ungovernable for Jonathan if APC fails at the presidential pools" "If I lose the presidential bid, baboons and dogs will be soaked in blood". "The Victory of APC is a do or die affair" These were various utterances of General Mohammadu Buhari (rtd) at various times during his quest for the presidential sit. One may wonder if this mission for political position is not just to serve ones own country. How has it turned to be a do or die affair. More questions seeks answers. Is there something else behind this determination to be the president that will warrant spilling the blood of those you aspire to 'serve'? From the above hard stand statements of the blood sucking junta, it becomes obvious and apparent that something greater than the zeal to serve is propelling him. What is that? There are five refineries in Nigeria capable of refining  enough petrol and diesel for the Nigeria masses, but the leaders in Nigeria prefer to export the crude oil, refine it in their private refineries abroad, and import the refined petrol back into the country and collect fuel subsidy from the government, which amounts to billions of dollars every year. No wonder every aspiring leader make their bid to win an election a do or die affair. 
It is a known fact that 90% of all the oil blocks in Biafra land is owned by the Hausa Fulani Northern politicians, and the immediate past president of the contraption called Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, was determined to reverse this imbalance, by making sure that the oil block licenses of these Northern cabals which expire by the end of 2015 were not renewed until there is a balance in the oil block allocation in the three geopolitical zones that make up the Nigeria state. This decision did not go down well with the Hausa-Fulani northern politicians. This made them to unanimously nominate Buhari (who all of them know is not in any way qualified to vie for the position of the presidency of Nigeria), to run. Why the Choice of Buhari people may wonder? The reason behind the choice of Buhari is the fact that he is the only one who is ready to spill the blood of Nigerians without recourse.

Again, treason runs in his DNA...Treason does not mean anything to him, because he has committed treason time and times again and will not hesitate to overthrow Goodluck Jonathan if he failed to win the 2015 election, which he actually lost from every indication, but Jonathan seeing the connivance of Britain and America to overthrow his government on the night of the presidential election result announcement, decided to concede defeat even before INEC could announce the presidential election result. By appointing himself the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Buhari has confirmed that he has no other mission coming back to the presidential sit other than to maintain the status quo in the oil block allocation which he is currently poised to do. But we have a shock for the Hausas and their Yoruba cohorts who are now scrambling to get a share of the allocation of the Biafrans' oil land. The oil which Nigeria thrives on belongs to Biafrans and the time of reckoning has come as Biafrans are about to leave the contraption created by Fredrick Lugard in 1914. 
The unholy polygamous marriage between Hausa-Fulani Arewas, Yoruba Oduduwas and Biafrans expired since 2014 and Biafrans are poised to leave that unholy union that has seen over 10 million Biafrans slaughtered since 1945 till date. The Arewas and the Oduduwas can continue in the marriage if it suites them. We hereby therefore advice the Yoruba Oduduwas not to pitch their tents with the tenant when they know who the landlord is. Renewing your oil block licenses with the Hausa led government of Buhari is tantamount to losing your investment. Biafra is open for this negotiation because the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra is unquestionable. Therefore be wise and do the needful.

Written  By   Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa

1 comment

  1. I am all for the state of Biafra. But my concern and question is: How does Biafra plan to break away from the reluctant Nigeria who know that if Biafra does they will lose their main revenue OIL. So they are not going to agree without a fight and Biafra is not ready to fight since they are peace loving people.


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