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Tuesday 9 February 2016


It is very painful and heart breaking that the World, have decided to keep mute over the unabated killings of armless and innocent Biafrans. I keep on pondering and asking why, World Leaders and International bodies are turning their backs on Biafrans as Biafrans find themselves in a continuous pool of Blood. One will ask, are the bodies of the killed Biafrans now serving as a tourist attraction to the World? The Nigeria Military publicly gave out a clampdown vow, against the Indigenous People Of Biafra and upon till today, have never seized to fulfill the clampdown vow.

It is very obvious that the Right to Self-Determination is selective and has not been extended to the Indigenous People of Biafra. If you want to doubt this, why then have the UN kept totally mute over this lawful exercise of Self-Determination? The Nigeria force men have been killing IPOB peaceful unarmed protesters at the order of the same Nigeria dullard President Mohammadu Buhari,who gave a testimony towards the right of self-determination at the UN,while he was seeking for the Freedom of Palestinians.  Today been the 9 of February, 2016 scheduled for the Worldwide Peaceful protest already publicized to the World, in respect of the release of the Leader Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra and the Director Of Radio Biafra/Biafra Television Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,the Nigeria Force invaded National High School Port Harcourt Road Aba,in Abia State Biafraland,as IPOB members gathered while waiting for others to join. As the School was invaded by the Nigeria Force, they sporadically shot at Biafrans,leaving Four Biafrans dead, Several injured and made away with others to an unknown destination.

Same is been reported live from Enugu State in Biafra Land, as the Nigeria Military men from the pit of hell, are teargasing peaceful protesters and as well kidnapping the protesters to their secret unknown chambers. While speaking to the peaceful unarmed protesters, they angrily poured out their hearts and aired that they are totally tired of waiting for a command from the Leaders of IPOB to proceed towards, using violence to get freedom, as they can no longer bear the pains of watching their people die in cold blood, while the World disdain this unforgivable crime against humanity. In as much as the Indigenous People Of Biafra have decided to get freedom peacefully and as civilized humans, it is paramount to state that this very angry peaceful protesters might not be controlled and stopped by the Leaders of IPOB,as the repeated killing is totally heart breaking.

By Ibeh Gift Amarachi
For Family Writers

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