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Thursday 25 February 2016



How come they pretend they never knew we existed as a people before 1914?
Biafra is over 29,400 square miles in land mass and is larger than Togo, Rwanda and Burundi put together. She is as big as Gambia and sierra lone put together too. Biafra is four times the size of Israel.
Her territory is demarcated to the west by lower parts of River Niger and Delta, to the east by Obudu plateau, highlands of Oban and Ikom, to the south by Bight of Biafra and to the North by a 7° North latitude boundary.
Biafra is well watered throughout the year. To a large extent, she lay in the basins of the Niger River, the Kwa River, the Cross River and Imo River.
The Niger Delta extends through two of her twenty provinces and occupies one-fifth of the lowlands. North of the lowland rises via open flat land to Oban hills, Obudu plateau in the east, Nsukka and UDI hills in the west. Obudu plateau is one of the coolest and delightful parts of West Africa. Beautiful uplands abound also in Okigwe, Orlu and Nsukka.
Biafra is wholly of tropical locations, but the climate has monthly average temperatures of 70°and 90° Fahrenheit. The average rainfall is 60 Inches in the north and 140 inches in the Niger Delta. The territory has two seasons; rainy and dry seasons. Her tropical climate favours growth of luxuriant vegetations. Mangrove forest cover her coastal lowlands including the Niger Delta.
Northwards are the rain forests where many species of giant and medium-sized trees with canopies of broad, evergreen leaves exist. Cleared rainforests are villages with farms and oil-palm groves.

The northern boundary of Biafra thins out with rich grasslands covered with tall grasses and medium-sized trees. How come a country so blessed is said to be landlocked and unfruitful? With a teeming population of over 30 million people, the significance can only breed potentialities and swift economic developments.
Traditionally, Biafra has five main tribes which are Ibo, Ibibio, Efik, Ijaw and Ogoja. Originally, they lived as distinct people in villages and towns. They’re linked by mythical or real ancestral heritage.
The word Ibo is derived from "Heebo", this was a name given in the 19th century by Biafran traders on the coast of the hinterlands where they traded. European traders pronounced it as "Eboe" from which "Ibo" was derived.
The Ibos residing near the Kwa River were called Kwa Igbo hence they later became Ibibios. Igbo was applied to all those habiting the Eastern Delta to Western Delta. How come the world kept mute while they killed Biafrans many years ago? On the 29th of May 1966, Biafran army officers regardless of their individual ethnic origins, were massacred by their northern “comrades in arms".
Two months later, by the 29th of July 1966, the massacre of civilians who are Biafrans began. All along, the disenchantment had continued and the inherent under-development, sustained. 
How come?
Biafrans till date have been used as sacrificial lambs. The opposition to a unitary form of government by the Fulani-Hausa ruling elites sparked off the rituals which had continued unabatedly. It is quite unfortunate!
What could be the difference between the reaction of the northern leaders at that time and the current Biafran protests, as a result of the failure to implement the Aburi accord? Of course, military threats of subjugation. The chord is unchanged and the music is still playing. Biafrans are all over the world.
Biafrans develop other lands but theirs; they are hardworking, calculative and wealthy, yet they run away from their lands. How come?
God deposited rich mineral resources in Biafraland; oil, gold, coal, zinc, limestone, salt, etc. Yet our region remains impoverished and neglected. Why must this be? We pay house rents, shop rents, and hospital bills, etc. we buy lands in rural spots, everywhere and turn them into estates and cities but Biafra. 
How come?

Prince Nnamdi Kanu, our Joshua

After all these years, the Lord remembered us and gave us a wonderful gift; Prince Nnamdi Kanu. He is our Joshua, sent to take us away from slavery to the promised land flowing with milk and honey. He is our mouth piece who has moved away the mountain of ignorance, ignominy and fear from us. The scales have fallen from our eyes. Today, we demand our rights which has long been denied us. We seek our lands, long invaded and besieged to take charge of our destiny. How come the so-called Ohaneze, Ezes, Chiefs and politicians betray our trusts and pierce us with swords? Where have they been all these time when like children, we cried? How come they pretend that all is well with our soul? Who authorized them to speak for us? Now, they are carrying out another genocide in our land. They are massacring our children, young men and women, old men and women, raping and plundering and turning us into slaves and nonentities in the land of our birth.
How come?
The world is adamantly watching the spillage of blood in our territory by uniformed terrorists, ordered to start off war. How come they remain calm and mute? Our director has been abducted and detained illegally without trial and with impunity. Has freedom of speech become a taboo? Why would they not allow separation, how come they reject referendum, how come they silently watch us being murdered again?
How come? Hey world!!!!
Biafrans need answers

Written  By  Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Edited  By  Ikechukwu Nwaorisa

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